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  1. Kateet

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    This is probably only the first installment.
    I held off for a couple days because I didn't
    know where to begin. Finally, I decided to
    begin with the 'dream' that made it obvious
    to me something unusual was happening.

    One night when I was sixteen years old, I
    went to sleep as usual. At some point, I went
    into the dream state as we cycle in and out
    of normally, and my concious mind 'seemed' to
    transfer into the body of a small child.

    From my pov, I was not concious and then I
    was concious...and completely disoriented. It
    didn't help that I was immediately lifted
    from behind and swung up into a covered
    carriage. It did help that I wasn't in con-
    trol of the body. I was confused but she was
    not. She scrambled up on a long bench and
    sat next to an elderly woman.

    An elderly man climbed in next, pulled a fur
    over our laps and his own as he sat down. The
    door closed and moments later the carriage
    jerked and lurched forward.

    I was amazed by the physical sensations I
    could feel. It was very cold. I could hear
    the elderly couple talking. I could hear the
    horses hooves, the tolling of bells at some
    distance, occasional voices outside raised
    in a shout, the creaking of carriage as it
    swayed. I was so amazed.

    Today, this memory is just like any memory
    you might of early childhood. Faces are very
    indistinct. I don't remember what was said.
    I remember feeling my hands, just like MY
    hands, pushed into a piece of rolled up fur.
    There was fur inside and outside, like the
    cover. Two furs, sewn together. Realizing I
    could take control, I did so and pulled my
    hand out to stroke the fur cover.

    The elderly woman reached over and gently
    tucked my hand back into the rolled up fur.
    "Francis," she scolded, "It is too cold."
    She wasn't speaking English but I could
    understand her.

    I thought this couldn't really be happening
    because I don't know this language, well
    somewhat, but not enough to easily understand
    what was said. I'd taken two years of
    Spanish and knew they were speaking Spanish
    but I the accent was completely foreign to me
    from what I learned in school or heard on
    the California streets (and schools).

    I didn't trust myself to speak however. I
    pushed my hands in deeper and concentrated
    on just taking in as much as I could. I was
    obviously a child, fairly young but I could
    not really tell (I'd guess four to seven).
    So, I LOOKED around and I LISTENED and I
    SNIFFED the odors (mostly oils and leathers)
    until we arrived wherever we were going.

    The carriage turned. I saw what looked like
    a gate or a 'hole', an opening in a wall.
    The clopping of the horses' hooves changed
    immediately. The echo was different. We
    pulled into what seemed to be a tunnel and
    it was very dark in the carriage. The carriage gave a bounce, the door whooshed
    open and the old man pulled away the cover.

    He climbed out. I stood up too knowing to
    follow and was swung down. I was standing on
    paving stones in front of stone steps. The
    old man was at the top of the steps opening
    a door. I followed him and the old woman
    came after me. We went inside. There were
    people who began helping us remove our outer
    clothing. A woman asked a question and I
    knew what she'd said, asking about church.
    I remember that because now I knew where we
    had just come from to the house. The dream

    It was very, very different. It was lucid
    and real. Somehow, I'd experienced twenty or
    so realtime minutes in the life of a young
    girl. It was as distinctly real as any time
    in my present life. When I woke up, vague
    memories of a recent and perfectly normal
    dream still clung but quickly faded and I
    remembered Francis.

    I realized then that I'd had several dreams
    about Francis in the past. I wasn't sure how
    many because they were so much like normal
    dreams that they didn't really stand out. I
    knew that she had been of various ages but
    they were fairly vague. Over the next year
    and a half, or so, I'd have many more dreams,
    some like normal dreams and a few, very few,
    as realistic as this one.

    I'll have to give some thought as to how to
    continue the narrative. In meantime, any
    comments would be appreciative. In particular
    I have always wondered if anyone else has
    every experienced spontaneous and vivid
    dreams, memories or visions similar to this
    or has ever been lucid (self-aware) during a
    flashback experience.
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  2. Kelly

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    Mar 7, 2000
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    London, UK
    Dear Kateet

    What a vivid dream, I wish I had a few more of them tucked away in my dream book. It does seem that you definitely stumbled upon a past life memory from your unconscious, I'm glad you were also so apt in controlling it all through lucid dreaming. I wonder how did you feel after it all? Was you scared, or shaken or did you feel happy? I used to be a lot better at controlling my dreams when I was younger, but stress and adult life seems to have temporally taken it's toll on my unconscious recall, I only wish I started a dream journal, so much earlier. I used to awake from dreams and if I didn't feel like they were finished properly or I didn't like the ending as it stood, I used to send myself back to sleep and either finish them off or change their ending to suit myself...very fulfilling...a nice feeling of control as well. I used to also awake with physical sensations from dreams as well, so if someone was pulling at my ankle in the dream, I used to wake up and the tugging feeling would still be there for a couple of minutes. As I said, unfortunately I never kept any records of them then, so I don't really remember if any of them presented a past life memory, I remember images and frozen pictures though, fragments, but that could just as easily be my overactive imagination at play...s

    I look forward to hearing more about Francis or any other experiences you wish to share.

    Kindest Regards

  3. Kateet

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    Dear Kelly,

    When I had this dream, I was fascinated by
    it. I didn't think it meant anything at all.
    I didn't know where it came from. I had no
    idea people could even have such vivid,
    realistic dreams. There was sight and it was
    crystal clear, not vague or fuzzy. There was
    sound, rich and full sound. There was touch
    and physical sensations, awareness of the
    physical body, of existence. It was literally
    as if I were actually THERE.

    If I hear a sound in normal a dream, its because the sound is important to the dream, like a school bell ringing or a car starting up, but other normal sounds and background noises we hear in the real world are absent. Light is usually diffuse and there is no sun unless the shining sun or a sunset, for example, are agents of this dream. The list goes on.

    This dream was completely mundane, even kind
    of boring. The conversation between the old
    couple was about the weather and people they
    had just seen or spoken to but nothing that
    would interest a child who seemed intent on
    exploring her surroundings as if she'd never
    ridden in a carriage before in her life. It
    was a short enough ride, not much except the
    buildings we passed by to see outside. No
    one thing seemed significant to the dream and
    nothing happened.

    As this little girl, I traveled slowly from
    one place to another place, from the church
    as it turned out, to my home which I would
    later learn was my new home. I had been
    sent to live with them, my father's parents,
    just as I had in this life. Francis lived in
    Spain and I in the USA. Francis' grandparents
    were Catholic and my grandparents were Jewish
    but both were filled with tradition and
    family. Until just now, it never crossed my
    mind that both grandfathers were in a similar
    business as well.

    All of my real life, I was being sent some-
    where to live for anywhere from weeks to
    months to years. Even after my mother finally
    remarried and I was adopted by my step-
    father (my mother didn't have legal custody
    of me since I was two and never again), I
    was still sent away for most of the summer
    months and during some vacations (usually
    Jewish holidays) from school. This continued
    into my teens until was finally went to live
    with my mother's mother until I finished
    school. For a short time when I was sixteen,
    I actually had a room of my own, only for
    about six months and it was the only time I
    ever had my own room or any place for me at
    all, anywhere. Even at my grandparents home,
    I stayed in my Uncle's room while he was
    away and had to sleep in the sewing room on
    a small bed set up for me there.

    I'm going to have to think more about this
    since I never did before and I know there are
    many other parallels. It makes me realize
    that my life was much like Francis' life in
    many, many ways. Think I'll make a list. I
    think the realistic aspect of the dream has
    totally overwhelmed me all of these years so
    that I never really analyzed it. I tend to
    ignore most dreams anyway if I remember them
    at all and I've never been interested in
    trying to pick them apart and analyze them.
    I think people see too much in what might be
    totally irrelevant excess baggage and real
    life requires real people, usually, to be
    anything but flaky.

    Thats enough for now, I think. Gotta get to
    that list! Kat
  4. Shari

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    Apr 13, 2000
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    seekonk, MA, USA

    I just read your postings about Francis, Kateet (Boy I love that name!).

    By the way, welcome to the forum.

    That was quite a dream or flashback. I am currently undergoing therapy in the hopes that I will access some past lives and my hope is that my memories will be as vivid as the ones that you have described. Obviously, there is something about Francis' life that is important for you in this life. It is interesting how you noticed the many parallels between the two lives.

    The only past life images that I have had have been in dreams or I have had small glimpses in meditation. I haven't had very many yet anyway.

    It was a pleasure to read about Francis and I am very glad that you have joined our little forum. You will find some very wise and compassionate souls here. Welcome aboard!

    Love and light,
  5. Kelly

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    Mar 7, 2000
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    London, UK
    Dear Kateet

    I study hypnotherapy and your dream shows you would be a therpists dream client, if you could echo the same senses that you did from this dream. Levels of hypnosis are deepened by the client when taking in all there external environment. The therapist brings the client into the reality of the past life/memory/thought by asking them to take in the air and the smells around them, listen to the background noises and voices and to feel fabrics and objects in their reach, so as to fully immerse themself into the memory. Through taking control of the dream as such, you deepened the altered state and gained a clearer picture of the memory.

    I definitely think you should make a list of the similarities and parallels you shared with Francis, you may be pleasantly surprised by how many there are. But most of all you should look into any decisions or choices that Francis made that you can remember and see whether you have made such similar choices in your present life as Kateet. You may have been presented this memory so clearly, and reminded of it throughout your life, because you are making the same choices that you once made as Francis and your higher self is maybe trying to break through to the concious mind and remind you of these past mistakes or accomplishments.

    I would love to continue hearing anymore little snippets of information you have on Francis if you wish to share them with us all. I wonder, have you ever been able to set a time period to this memory?

    I hope that you are successful in your list...and I hope to read some more from Francis soon...take care

    Kindest Regards


    PS. Out of curiosity, I noticed that you said you had never really analysed your dreams before, and wondered if this was the only dream you have experienced so clearly, and that's why it made you think on it and absorb it into your memory, is this the dream that made you start thinking about past lives or was you already interested in the subject? Or do you still see this dream as just that, just a dream, and not a past life memory at all?
  6. Kateet

    Kateet Guest

    Dear Moonbeam,

    The dream I described above happened when I
    was only fifteen years old and that was 27
    years ago. I have learned a great deal since

    I told my Grandmother about the Francis
    "dreams" early in 1976. During the next
    and last semester in high school, I took
    a course in Transcendental Meditation.

    In college, I took courses in religious
    history and comparative religions which itself is a common course to take as a Liberal Arts major. So many of us, at
    the time, felt this course more than
    anything else changed how we viewed and
    what we thought of religious and spiritual
    practices. People can be so easily conned.

    Some things I studied, esp historically,
    helped me to understand the context of some
    dreams since I knew the time period in
    which Francis lived. She was born in the
    1480's and died at the age of 52.

    What prompts me most powerfully now is the
    strongest feeling I ever received from
    Francis came before her death. She believed
    she was damned. She was not insane. It was
    the tenet of her Catholic upbringing, a fact.

    She was a living human being with thoughts
    and feelings. She had lost what she could
    never retrieve. She had made unforgivable
    choices. She knew this. She thought that
    nobody would ever remember her, that her
    very existence would pass without comment.

    I remember her. I think she wanted others to
    know her too, even the terrible things she

  7. Kelly

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    Mar 7, 2000
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    London, UK
    Dear Kateet

    You said that the strongest feelings you recieved from Francis were right before her death. This is really interesting and quite expected, as this is the area, feelings and emotions that has the most impact on subsequent carnations. All therapists (if there are doing there job properly), will concentrate on the the feelings and emotions felt by the client in their past life at he moment of death, as these feelings and emotions imprint themselves most clearly into the soul energy and are carried into the next lifetime, when they may again be re-released or re-experienced from a familiar essence. One of the worst emotions felt at the moment of death are hate, anger and guilt, all of these emotions lay a heavy impact into the life energy and when resurfaced in another incarnation, can be confusing, as we may not have repeated past patterns, but are still feeling and carrying these negative emotions, without realising that they are a past memory embedded into the mind, and can only be released once there are recognised and realised in this life, as not pertaining to us now or irrelevant, as we are no longer the same person we were then and so we should no longer continue to hold onto and carry these negative baggage from past mistakes or misfortunes.

    Kindest Regards

  8. Kateet

    Kateet Guest

    Dear Kelly,

    Thank you for your interest. The issues you
    brought up are much like my own views and
    most reincarnationists I've known over the
    last quarter century.

    My grandmother's people believed much the
    same. Specifically, they believed that when
    a soul was born into a new life a new per-
    sonality developed, largely based on the
    culture, lifestyle, social interaction, and
    so on. But, people with very similar life
    experiences can and often do make very diffe-
    rent choices. They believed these choices
    are as much connected to the soul as to the
    personality or 'living spirit'.

    They believed that when the body died, both
    the soul and the living spirt left the body.
    They believed if only the personality left
    the body and wandered about, it was what we
    call an 'out of body' experience and is often
    referred to by Native Americans as 'Dream
    Walking', not an act of the soul but an act
    of the living spirit.

    After death, the soul and personality moved
    up into the heavens. The soul would absorb
    the living spirit and this repeated cycle of
    life, death, and absorption formed became the
    soul's foundation. This is where people often
    disagree. Just as Christian's and Jews and
    others believe man must have been created by
    a higher power, some people believe the soul
    must be directed and encouraged by more en-
    lightened souls. Others have come up with
    some very elaborate ideas.

    I have a very bad heart which has failed
    repeatedly and yet only twice have I had a
    near death experience, not much considering
    but in both cases nobody was there to greet
    me. Like the majority of NE's, it seemed
    some sort of natural mechanism in effect that
    pulled me right on up, like a very fast
    rising elevator.

    It was the Light that blew me away
    because as I neared it, I could feel the
    acceptance, the welcome, the unconditional
    love. I wanted to become part of it and to
    stay within it forever. From similar
    descriptions by others, I've wondered at
    the very least if any other example is really
    so necessary.

    It makes perfect sense that while my living
    spirit is different from Francis, we are
    talking about the same soul. Sure, I've had
    other lives in between and my Grandmother
    felt that either these same issues may well
    have come up, though not necessarily in the
    same form, but I could have avoided or just
    ignored them because I didn't want or didn't
    feel I was ready to deal with them and that
    the reason it was so strong this time is that
    my soul had decided that wasn't acceptable

    Wow, long, and I have to help supervise my
    husband while he struggles to make supper.
    You wouldn't think salads are so tough to
    make, would you?

    Best to you Kelly, and to all, Kat
  9. Moonbeam

    Moonbeam Guest

    Very interesting... I've been reading your posts when I have a chance during the day...have you ever thought to sketch scenes from these dreams? I would think a book of your memories combined with sketches (you don't have to be a great artist) would make a wonderful legacy for your family... They would treasure something like that one day. I certainly would!

    Do you remember what part of Spain Francis was from? This is very interesting to me as i am of Spanish descent.
    Be Blessed

  10. Kateet

    Kateet Guest

    Dear Moonbeam,

    Actually, I did and my grandmother got it.
    She sent it to my relatives who remain (most
    of them) on the reservation. That is, the
    Native American relatives I have from that
    side of the family.

    My family encouraged me to keep a journal
    about a woman I began dreaming about four
    years ago. Only a couple of months ago I
    was able to narrow her birthdate down to
    2038, probably March but the month isn't
    definant and might never be.

    My youngest son plans to put the journal
    in a bank vault and then wait until 2040 at
    minimum to research it since I do have
    some very specific information concerning
    names, dates, AND cities in this case.

    Unfortunately, if I knew the city, I don't
    remember anymore. I'm just guessing but I
    think, since I had enough information~as
    it turned out~to verify her existence....
    however obscure, I didn't bother to look
    into a lot of the details I had and just
    forgot about them with time. It has been
    a very long time.

    Thank you for your continued interested.

  11. Kelly

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    Mar 7, 2000
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    London, UK
    Dear Kateet

    I have been reading over a lot of your posts recently, and I just wanted to say that you are such a wonderful person...You have such a great love and respect for everyone and everyday that you are given, that I think a lot of people could learn a good deal about the kindness and light that you so obviously beam.

    Kindest Regards

  12. Kateet

    Kateet Guest


    Thank you Kelly, that was very kind of you
    to say but I do make mistakes and am not
    always the best I can be.

    When you notice and point it out, and people
    do (as they ought), I takes my lickins and

    See, I have these bad days...... ;-)

    You bring a lot of joy and sunshine into the
    conversations yourself you know. Thanks for
    beaming back at us, Kat

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