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    New to this forum. I've believed in past life since I was a child, my brother used to remember being a lady who had killed herself and her child when he was young and never really gave it much thought when I had my own children. I myself have never had past life memory's.
    When my daughter was 3, I was bathing her and she became hysterical, I asked what was wrong (thinking she was hurt with how she was crying) and she replied "all my stuff is gone". She remembered the year, the place (to the town) and told me details about it she shouldnt or wouldnt have known (about riots and busses burning).Someone had set her house on fire (she was a child when she had lived there) and all her stuff had burnt. She was upset about a special hairbrush the most. She then abruptly didn't want to talk about it anymore so I did not push and she didn't bring it back up.
    Recently I was talking to my mother about a TV program she had been on talking about my brothers past life (years and years ago), my daughter (now 7) overheard and began questioning, I simply explained some people remember past lives, she went over and over whether she had past life. I told her she had mentioned something and I told her the year she had spoken about (I believed she had forgotten so didn't go into any detail) to which she replied "oh yes! The red buses". I can't believe she remembers after 4 years, so I said " you can remember?". The water works began again and she got very upset about her hair brush and her belongings. I told her if she was that upset about it we could maybe try to find one. This has fueled a mission of searching for a hair brush that sounds different to brushes now day, with the correct pattern on the back ect ect. She has even gone as far as to draw me pictures.

    She has always had night terrors and will never tell me what she is dreaming about and is very secretive about her memories (so unsure if these are connected) and whenever she talks about it the conversation is abruptly ended with her saying "I don't want to talk about it", that's fine and I've told her she can always talk to me but I won't bring it up as it upsets her. I have researched what she had said as its so specific and there's no way she would have known anything about that place or time, I'd never heard of Ardoyne until she told me what she said.

    Just wanted to share as I find it incredibly interesting but dare not push to find out more as I'm sure the poor lass has enough on remembering what she does.

    I myself have dreams about things that have yet to happen and I know things before they happen. I used to enjoy scaring my brother by telling him " the phones going to ring and it'll be mum" just before it rang. It was never with anything useful unfortunately. My 5 year old son randomly announced not long ago that when he has grown up he will have a son and his son and him will die on the same day. Fingers crossed he hasn't took after me!!
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    Hi Pondrose1,

    Welcome to the forum.
    I think you are very wise not to presure your daughter. That’s great love. The most important thing is that she feels safe now.

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