Memories from past life California/New York/1950's/James Dean/Etc.

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    Actor James Dean (1931-1955)

    When I went to the US when I was a kid/young teenager I was starting to have memories of someone else from the past.
    It kinda shocked me. I was a kid with braces and experienced things as if I was some sort of young woman (in the 1950's I later learned) who had long finger nails and was careful with her hands. She would walk and sit with straight back. I had emotions that weren't mine. All along I kept trying to focus where we were at, the trips we were making. I could feel her heart break. Her joys. Her talking to her mother who had red nail polish. I got physical symptoms of feeling dizzy, felt like throwing up, got all serious (which was not like me, I was one of those girls who used to laugh every 5 minutes, braces or no braces). I had stopped by a little store where one could buy postcards and some were of old movie stars and then there was this postcard of a young man, actor, named "James Dean", it was as if I knew him. Or rather - she (who ever she now was...) knew him. I would tell myself the normal things: This is crazy. You have a wild imagination. You need a boyfriend.

    When I was more open to the idea of reincarnation I told myself I had maybe been some star struck girl in the 1950's
    fantasizing about her imaginary romantic relationship with the rebel James Dean, and that was it. That was a comfortable thought. I think it was because I got a lot that I did not ask for. Memories from that life that were emotionally difficult. I would try to comfort myself. Say "Oh, it's not so bad". I was wrong. It was worse. It also effected my own current life, it could go as far as me rejecting dating a certain young man because he looked like someone in her past. I got flashbacks just looking at him, it was terrible (now looking back when I am happily married it's kinda funny, but then it wasn't).

    The first time I saw a photograph of her, when I could really have a good look at her face, her eyes, her body, I knew. I just knew. This was the girl/woman.

    The collected experienced flashbacks, memories I have of Mr. James Dean showed what a wonderful human being he was, and how good he was to her. I have to say this - he was hilarious. He was so funny.
    I had memories that I would not have thought would have come from having known a movie star, maybe because his career had not kicked off right about then, they were romantic memories that I am sure a lot of people who dated in the 1950's had.

    There was one thing I discovered when reading about him when I did not think it was the truth I was reading. So I kept it as a proof that it was my imagination. But then one day a new little book was published by one of his friends. When I read it I knew he was telling the truth, and he knew the truth because Jimmy had told him, and it was the truth that I had remembered it to have been like. To me this was the missing link, the proof I needed to believe.

    I have one long emotional flashback of the two of them. I have narrowed it down to it being at the late part of his life because of his hair cut so that meant it was a pretty long time after the break up. They had cut his hair a certain way when he did "Giant", playing the elderly man, Jett Rink. So he still had that. He looked like he had been sick. (He had just coped from having the flu, I later read) so he wasn't well. They got into an emotional conversation about why things had ended between them.

    If I am gonna try to summon up all the flashbacks I have experienced about them the reason for the break up was something that had happened a bit into the relationship. When she wanted them to marry, to really do it, to elope. When he rejected the idea (rejected her). I think she tried to continue the relationship on his terms, but that she was hurting inside. It became too difficult for her. In the end she made the decision to leave because the relationship was going in the wrong direction. That she felt it was too late. I felt heartbreak and confusion on her part. That a part of her just wanted to run away as far as she could. That another still longed for him. I think to her the whole marriage-thing was sort of black and white. I don't think it was the same for him. I don't believe he intend to hurt her and she knew this as well. She thought she loved him more than he did her. That there was nothing to be done about that.

    The other times that I experienced they had met there was no touching, they were both formal and there was pain in the eyes and they were polite to one another. They just said what they had to say.

    But I also remembered that there was warmth between them at some point after the break up, that they had agreed upon being friends. There was this time when she was in trouble and he made sure to make contact and no one could stop him. He just wanted to know she was OK.

    Another time I experienced that she awoken to the sound of a motorbike out on the calm street where she lived. It was Jimmy (James Dean was called Jimmy or Jim by most people in his life). He apparently knew where she lived around that period and sat there, waiting for her to come out but she couldn't so she had shake her head and say no at the window. (I read later that he was a night owl and had trouble sleeping so he would be driving his bike in the midst of the night, so maybe this memory was true.). I think she felt quilt about that. That she knew he only wanted to talk. That he perhaps could not sleep because there was something troubling him.

    There are other people I remember too, people that were very close to her heart. It does not matter if they happened to be working in show business or not because they were all real people and equally important, at least soul wise, at least to me. If I get into describing them I will most likely never stop.

    Had my flashbacks been a movie it would have been indeed a very confusing one, I would not know where to place all the scenes. I have had the same issue when I do past life regression meditation. I see pictures, feel things, smell things, hear things but they are just arriving and then leaving just as abruptly as they came.

    I'm not really up for opening up about who I think I was, and I hope that is OK. What I have really wanted to come across was the experience of having what I think at this point was a past life and that Mr James Dean was very kind and very gifted. The world lost someone great.

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