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    Hi Im new to the site found. I it on my search for some answers.

    I apologise if this has been covered before but I would love an opinion on something that just I just thought about this week.

    Sadly In 2012 I had an abortion, (ashamed upset to say it out loud and that it happened). I fell pregnant in what I felt became a dangerous situation for myself and unborn child. I know that is a taboo/touchy/upsetting subject but please hear me out.
    Moments after the abortion I felt instant regret and wished and prayed they still were with me. I cried and grieved even though I did it for the safety or protection of my Child. Weeks after I prayed they'd still exist.

    I became depressed for a year or so. But somehow this unborn child wether it be me imagining them or not I found some kind of strength from them. I sensed what I assumed was a girl and dreamt of them here and there. but I felt complete again knowing that somewhere they were out there and. I also believed they would find another family...

    Fast forward to 2014, which was the last time I sensed the energy of this unborn baby. I fell pregnant with my now partner and we had a beautiful daughter in August 2015.

    As my daughter has become older.. 3 lol... she is the spitting image of my close friends daughter who is 7, (looks, nose, eyes, laugh, very smart and bright) and they have only met the once... and then to a 2nd cousin of mines daughter they could be twins...personality and looks.. but I guess thats partly family.....

    Then a few weeks my closest and oldest friend (now in our 30s') recently asked me wow isn't your baby girl like our old class mate..... how funny she laughed abit to much for it to be a compliment but I see it too......

    Lastly I came across a young tv star who reminds me of my daughter as much as the 3 i've mentioned... .. In disbelief of similarities between this child actress. .., I typed in her name online to see her age and it came up with her birthdate.... '27th of August'!!...

    Well these are the birthdates of all above.. but one! All born 27th of August minus a September 15th (my friends 7 year old)... .... So I was shocked because My due date for the child I sadly aborted was August 27th!!!.. strangely also the anniversary of my mums passing

    My daughter who is now 3's due date was the '27th of July 2015'.... however she arrived the night of August 1st

    ... I read yesterday that dates and times or coincidences can be a sign of reincarnation.
    & I never dreamt of that little girl again... The last time I saw her was almost a week or 2 before I conceived my 2015 baby. I saw a brief vision with a shadow of a girl pop round the door, but disregarded it as wishful thinking due to the height of what I briefly saw.... I thought couldn't of been that tall at 2 and a half... well my daughter who just turned 3 is a lot taller than the girl I envisioned at the door....

    Sp experts or anyone with experience in this field... am I just making this up or could it be possible, im hoping so xxxx
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