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    Any confirmed Romanov family members out there? Part of my family on both mom and dads side came from russia when it was still under the Romanov family. I’ve heard stories of how that was like and some say it was good. I’ve learned about the revolution and the down slide of the families power in history. But why did they have to die? From what I remember from research most of the people still supported the family. The smaller louder party just took control. Also why didn’t any other countries at the time step in to help get them out? Especially since they were related to the British king it’s just shocking. I know I could probably find these answers online but who better to ask than a possible Romanov. I don’t believe I am any of the members of the family I might have been from Russia at one point but I’m not claiming to be a reincarnation just curious. My curiously also stems from the fact my birthday is the same day they died just a different year of course.
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    Hello! I thinkin terms of a confirmed Romanov I’m as real as they come and if you have any questions, PM me! My story is a long one that spans years and I am very detail oriented as always.

    Anyways, some of our relatives did try to negotiate for us! At least for us girls too. Our Aunt said she understood Papa and Mama and Alexei were important but we were just girls with no use!

    But that did not work.

    We died because yes it was a smaller party, that could have soon been overthrown and if only the bigger party made it we would have not been killed. They weren’t exactly supportive of us ruling but they didn’t want the bad awful men to rule! But the party, those monsters, they did not want Papa or Mama or Alexei saved and reinstated as rulers or in power at all. Being an icon of hope for those against their regime.

    As for we girls, they had a fear of any of us taking the throne even though there was a law in place.

    Our relations who cared did try to save us, but the ideas were shot down so fast they didn’t become big. There was nothing to negotiate on.

    we could have lived, but they wanted us dead they hated us, and rather than move us with the white army approaching, why not just kill us.

    It’s a horrible thing.

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