My body feeling freezing cold the night my grandma passed away.

Discussion in 'Children's Past Lives -Age 7 & under' started by LTSelf, Jan 4, 2018.

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    Has anyone ever felt this? I was raised by my grandma and our connection has always been strong. She passed away in the middle of summer, hot as heck and that first night without her, I went to sleep with just a sheet as I had all summer long. I was pregnant with my now 13 yo. In the middle of the night I woke up FREEZING COLD. Hands, feet cold, and teeth shattering. My husband got up to get me a comforter. Before this happened, my mother in law who is very into all of this past life, etc stuff made a comment to me that I thought was so rude. She said, "that baby (the one in my tummy) does not have a soul yet. I was PISSED and my husband just said, "don't listen to my mom. Half of what she says is crazy!" Fast forward 4 years down the road, my daughter who I was pregnant with says, "Mommy, remember when I was your mommy. I took good care of you." Could a soul come back immediately and can you carry a child with a heartbeat (she was about 5 months in utero) and not quite yet have a soul? Thank you.
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    Why not? By that time the brain is not even fully developed, I suppose. It takes a few months before a fetus can develop some sort of consciousness, or even dream. It seems highly improbable to me that the soul 'occupies' the new body since the moment it's conceived, since it's not even conscious.
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    Hi LTSelf,

    Immediate reincarnation does not appear to be the norm, though I know of nothing that forbids it. Likewise, I'm not aware of any exact age by which a soul must enter a baby before birth, or before which a soul cannot enter a baby before birth. I recall a Roman Catholic friend once telling me that the old belief of the Church was that the soul entered at the time of "quickening"--i.e.--the age at which a child first begins to move in the womb. Babies can first be felt moving in the 16 to 25 week range (though they actually start moving earlier--the mother just doesn't feel it yet). So, 5 months would certainly fit in with a traditional idea of "quickening" and soul entry. Hence, I see nothing in the facts set forth that would bar your hypothesis.

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