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    I decided to start a new thread..about my friend I met on empath message board
    I met her in may of 2015 we instantly become very close..
    She told me of her past life as very evil person as was I ..
    Time went on I remembered her from my past life from the 20's
    her name was Mary she was flapper back she found her picture..
    more of that.. sometime later..
    This year it came to me a vision of her back in the 70's
    as Roller Derby Queen as the called them I said to her you were
    Roller Derby back in 70's she understands about past lives
    And she helped me deal with mine I seen her I'm for certain back in late
    70's which barely remember because of my near death experience.
    All but few small memories were wiped out..
    Maybe I seen her somewhere I think he had eye contact..
    She was born in 1981 and she had numerous dreams of being drug addict..
    Which she never was in this life.. It really came to me listening Hall & Oates
    song Running From Paradise.. seen alot images with song.. a song from late 70's
    She doesn't believe me which I understand..
    Then recently I seen statue of roller derby girl it really looks like here..
    It's hard for me I was drug addict in 60's and 70's..
    in my hippe life though she told we have met in passing back then
    anything is possible.

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