My Long-Lost Favourite Husband!

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by EllinM, Jun 4, 2020.

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    Jun 4, 2020
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    Hi everyone, hope all is well.

    I recently journeyed on a regression to try to find answers for my current life.

    Basically even though I'm British I'm obsessed with anything Greek. Food, music, religion, language, people, classics, etc etc. Its on the weird side.

    Anyway, the regression was really successful, I saw myself, saw my children; 2 sons and a daughter who was utterly stunning with dark hair and glass blue eyes.

    I was so happy, but did not see my husband, even though I knew I was ecstatically in love with him.

    The experience forwarded some years, I knew I was old. But I felt completely dead inside, I was literally waiting to die. I got the feeling that I was even refusing to speak.
    My husband had died, not of anything extreme, just old age I think, but my loss was so great I shut off.

    I saw myself in bed, waiting to die, my children were grown and around me, but I still wouldn't speak, I didnt feel anything anymore, not like when I first arrived and was so full of joy.

    Anyway this explained so much for me in my current life; even though I am very compassionate and empathetic I really struggle to properly connect to anybody, even my family. If somebody leaves me or hurts me I am so quick to write them out of my mind, its actually quite discerning the power of detachment that I have.

    I think I vowed to never love again when he died, which is really affecting my ability to maintain relationships today.

    I would LOVE to find him. I'm scared I won't feel peace until I do.

    Can anyone offer ay comfort or advice?

    Sent with lots of love and hugs xxx
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    We never know the specific challenges we come here to face in each lifetime, we just have to do the best we can and learn on the way. The closeness you feel for your husband from your Greek life could be because he is a particularly favorite soul mate, ( there are several companions that we may reincarnate with over and over again) he may have been a husband, or a wife, or a son - daughter here with you many times and he may still show up yet. It could also be that there is a reason he is not here and that is part of the challenge you have to face. Either way, take comfort in knowing he is not gone forever and you will definitely be seeing him on the other side where relationships last for much longer than they do here.
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    Hello EllinM, Thank you for sharing your story, I can relate to it. As Brad said, each life offers us something to learn from; some lessons are terribly painful as when I did come to know my great love. But it led me here, and to many others over the years who have similar encounters. I'm not sure we can recapture the past, in fact, we can't, but we begin new stories and adventures that somehow add polish to our soul's journey and I believe that's a beautiful thing. Heck, for me, just standing in the memory during regression was powerful; it made a believer out of a true skeptic. My story is somewhere back in the closet, its called A Police Sergeant's Memories, if you can't find it let me know I'll go dig it out.

    Thank you for joining us. It's comforting to read similar stories. ~Tman

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