My Past Life Experience, It Made Me Believe

Discussion in 'Past Life Regression Therapy' started by Natasha Mclellan, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I was stressed with my recent breakup and just wanted to have a bit of fun so I decided to do a past life regression thing on youtube. I was doubtful as I didn't think someone talking to me could do much.

    He told me to walk through a door and I found myself floating over treetops, the leaves browns, and reds. I then got told to look at my feet, which was some leather shoes/sandals sort of thing and I was stood on compacted earth covered in moss. I was dressed in what looked like a brown, oversized shirt. I was a broad man with tanned skin, curly black, long hair, long facial hair and a large hooked nose and soft brown eyes. I seemed to be in my late thirties to mid-forties. This is strange as I am a young 20's, blonde-haired woman who shares no features with what I saw.

    When told to think about what the place was called, all I could get was "Ak" or "Ark" for my name, I got "Dra" maybe "Drac/Drak" but never got a full name.

    I was cold but not too much to be uncomfortable and I felt at peace being around nature. All around me was tree covered, large hills, I myself was stood on the side of almost like a cliff. I looked at the sea of trees and behind me was a river that had captured the autumn leaves and flowing them downstream. I was alone but I knew there was donkeys that went down this path, a path that honestly looked like it was made by years of people walking on it. All I had on me was a small, bronze looking coin with the face of a man with a thick facial hair. I felt lost, I couldn't go home and I had nothing in front of me.

    When told to go find people, I saw myself working in a field pulling what I think was a plow? with two young boys running next to it. One was much older than the other. The moment I saw them, I felt warm and remember thinking "my sons". I then saw what I assume was my wife. A dark-haired woman with a large but thin nose. She was dressed in a loose-fitting dress with fabric over her head that looked like it was there to keep her warm. I then saw a little girl with long, curly brown hair and a gold band around her head. She looked so happy and when I got told to ask a name, I got Elysia. (said Eley-see-a).

    I saw a quick image of the same woman I saw earlier holding a child, still covered in dried blood, wrapping it in fabric.

    Then when I got asked to look at an important part of my life then, I saw one of the boys, just their face covered in sutt or mud. I quickly glimpsed a pegasus (?) and a chariot. A spear and animal feed spilt everywhere. I then saw the eldest boy, a young teen in what looked like army clothing, turning to me. Then the girl, again a teen, her hair up and in a crisp white dress walking away and leaving me in a house alone.

    I then got asked to think about my death and the moment that was said, my body jolted like I had been shocked. I then thought "I really don't want to" and thought about ending the whole thing. But I carried on and I am pretty sure I jumped off the cliff I was stood on as I felt like I was falling, my arms felt like they were being pulled upwards and I could see the branches of trees pass me by. I was content that I had become one with nature and I felt like body was never found.

    I honestly started crying when he told me what the lesson from this life was and I thought "don't let others get away, you have to make your own effort to be happy. Other people can't do it for you" I then got told to say something to the people around me. I felt like I had no one left but the eldest boy. I watched him walk towards me as a man in his mid-thirties with features like mine. He was in armor or sort with a red cape. He had become cruel and cold because of my death and was angry I was not there for him. The first thing that popped into my head to say was "I'm sorry" and I started to cry again, like really bad but didn't wipe the tears or open my eyes. The three things I got told to remember from this life to help my current one. It was the word "happy", an eagle and the coin I held.

    Well, afterward, I noted down most of what I remembered and I found some interesting things. The Name I got, Elysia is a Greek name. I have never heard this name before so I was shocked it was even a real name. I then found out there is a place in Greece called Arcadia which could be the Arc/Ark I got when told to think of it's name. It is a hilled place with tree's that seem to go for miles. The shoes I saw also matched with typical Ancient Greek shoes. The coin I saw (this was creepy) I found one that looked similar, one with Zeus on it and on the other side it has an eagle on it. Not to mention, the clothing the eldest son wore looked a lot like clothing worn by some people in the army from around that time.

    I know a lot about Greek Myth, I love the stuff but I honestly don't know much about Ancient Greece itself so these things I found out, I did not know beforehand.

    One of my main faults is I fear being alone, people leaving me and because of that, I push people away in fear I will just lose them anyway. Not just that, I have lost friends and people I care about before because I can't focus on being there for someone as I rely too much on them making me happy instead of myself finding happiness.

    What are your thoughts on it all? Just an overactive mind or do you think it might have been a past life?
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    If you look around you'll see this is a pretty common type of start for this forum. Don't research too much yet, just a warning based on experience. It will cause you to question future memories and worry about whether to believe yourself or not for much longer.

    Keep a journal for notes and allow yourself time to absorb this new experience. Some people begin to sense strong connections with various things in life that all link back to other lives, or feel like they "just know" things about themselves in a past life. Others catch little glimpses of experiences while washing dishes and other daily things. Other times you might begin to see a pattern in your dreams. And it doesn't hurt to do additional regression sessions or just sit and meditate on the experience to see if more comes up.

    You have years ahead of you to allow all of this to simmer into something cohesive that will inform your current life as well. Give yourself time.
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    It sounds like typical past life regression. It's impossible to say what genuinely belongs to a past life, from what is caused by your, or your hypnotist's, beliefs.

    When I ask about a life lesson I get more concise answers, only one or two words, always meaningful.

    Any interpretation of the messages and symbols you received has to be done only by yourself, from a position of neutrality.
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    Hello Natasha, and welcome. The session sounds like it worked to me. I think the details you saw are quite normal for regression therapy. What video did you use? You have some wonderful things to hold on to and use as food for thought. Each step in your memory seemed to have some message for you. I too had trouble with the pronunciation of names in regression therapy, but I was amazed at how much they later turned out to mean something. Hang on to those details that don't make sense right now, they will trigger something later; that's why, as MD said above, you should keep a journal. And, like she also said, take your time to allow it all to soak in... your life will have many, many episodes and each will have some meaning... you don't want to miss them either.
    I think this is a very wise observation and perhaps the lesson you should "work" on. Being selfless is an act of compassion... it will make you happy.
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    Hi Natasha-Thank you so much for sharing your past life memories with us in the forum. The way you described what unfolded in your regression feels to me to be authentic and cohesive. It also seems to reflect some current life issues which is usually an indication that the memories are real. Would you be able to share with the forum what YouTube video you used for your regression? It sounds like it's a good one! ~Rebecca

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