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    Dear all,

    I am new here. I have been on going with psychotherapy through CST (Craniosacral therapy) & SE (Somatic Experience) for more than 2 years.

    I suffer from fibromyalgia for many years. In therapy, found complex childhood trauma including repeated sexual & physical abuses around 2mth - 3 yr old, that I don't have the memory. Some traumas are caused by my mum, that I feel extremely difficult to forgive or to accept.

    After therapy I suffer more than before but my heart tells me I am improving (also friends always say I look much better). The therapist didn't understand why I suffer so much after therapy.

    Until late 2015, I realize something from past life. Whenever I don't feel good because of childhood trauma memories, then I connected with my past life, then the childhood impact diminishes. Sometimes the past life gives future prediction and guidance to me, e.g. 10 months ago, I didn't realize my past life and I didn't believe in past life yet, but when I send the application for CP from the government, a voice told me that my problem was due to past life and I didn't need this CP. Many things happened afterwards and made me have stopped this CP. I cannot understand why the past life giving me these messages and help relieving my childhood trauma impacts.

    Someday I suddenly remember that one of my past life died due to difficulty in giving birth, and one died due to drowning. A month ago, PLR was done for the one with difficulty in giving birth. 2 weeks ago, I know that my CST therapist was dealing with my trauma, I feel I was drowning during the therapy session but in turn my therapist told me that he was in fact dealing with my childhood sexual trauma impact, he suspects I repeatedly had been being abused for more than a year around 2-3 yr old. Very interesting, and PLR of the one which was drowned , not done yet.

    But I remember for any regression done either for my childhood or past life, every time I cried seriously and say " No one cares for me! ". Also, when my mom talks about her experience in giving birth to me, she is extremely angry about nurses and my grandma and says " No one cares for me!!!" .... Days ago, my SE therapist worked on this repeated pattern in my lives and my family.

    I emailed Carol, she says "We carry trauma from past lives into this life, which set up patterns that are repeated through our births (messages from our mothers during birth, as you stated), and throughout our childhoods and into our adult lives. Past life therapy can be really helpful in releasing the patterns on all levels, since the trauma has origins before this life."

    I can't talk to nearly all friends about PL/ PLR in HK. I am a Christian. I am very lonely. Facing childhood complex traumas with PL traumas is really extremely difficult , but I cannot tell all people in my family and most of my friends, but I live with my family and in contact with my friends in daily lives.

    I think my CST therapist will do PLR for the PL who was drowned tomorrow.

    I would like to get support here. And I have some questions also.

    My therapist says all books and web help me but I don't think so.

    - Why the past life would give future prediction and guidance to me, and any significance?

    - Any recommendations on books and webs for me? I am a Christian who is also interested in Buddhism, including Tibetan Buddhism.

    - What I can do more in my daily lives.

    Thanks a lot!


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    Hi Prema, welcome to the forum!

    past lives do can create problems in our current incarnation. I spend my whole current life trying to heal from my traumatic last PL.

    You are not getting predictions and guidance from a past life but from your soul. That's the part of you that is not incarnated and has a overview about all incarnations that you ever lived. This guidance is very helpful as it enables you to make sense of things. Because of that guidance you can put the pieces of the puzzle together.

    I recently read "past lives therapy" from Dr. Morris Netherton. It tells the stories of many of his clients who did have physical and other problems in their life and were able to connect them to past lifes. Right now I reading "Return To Life" from Dr. Jim B. Tucker which I also find a good book about the subject of reincarnation. Carol Bowmans book "Childrens past lives" is recommended too.
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    You may find Brian Weiss' books interesting.

    I attended a past life seminar with Dr. Weiss in 2005 at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Quite a few of the people at this seminar were dealing with psychological issues which they felt had their root cause in past life experiences.

    Dr. Weiss moved into the area of future life PROgression where he felt he could allow people to see their possible futures of which the Fates have provided more than one.

    Elisabeth Haich's book called Initiation is in my opinion a true classic in the area of human spirituality. This book is about Elisabeth's past life in ancient Egypt where she experienced the Egyptian initiation rites. During those mysterious rites Elisabeth Haich was able to see her future lifetimes on planet Earth and she had the choice of whether or not to actually live out those experiences in this physical world. She did choose to have those experiences even though this involved a lot of pain in some cases.

    Earlyne Chaney's book called Initiation In The Great Pyramid is similar and also good.
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    You can read dr Weiss' introduction to his book at
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    I am sorry to hear that you are struggling. I know what it is like to be lonely and feel like you can't confide with any of your friends or family. I hope that you continue with your past life regression therapy and that it eventually brings you peace. Maybe you can find some good information at . Good luck with everything.

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