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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Lily.S, Feb 9, 2018.

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    I'm 11, almost 12. A year ago I had a dream. (A boy) Someone urgently needed to tell me something. they showed me a piece of paper that had the names Alisa Vanguard and Paul Vanguard. I woke up and suddenly knew I was 23, died in a car crash, and was engaged to be married. I searched up the name over and over, but no avail. 10 minutes ago I had the idea to find her death date. I removed 23 from 2018 and got 1995. I later changed it to 1996. I searched up 1996 woman car crash 23. The first article (Pictured here) (Crash Victims Alisa Ferraro, Paul Gagnon - tribunedigital-chicagotribune) I had never seen it before. I thought that I needed to come back and finish something. Apparently, I helped children with public housing. No one believes me. I had a different last name than I thought. I've told all my family members that I found this article, but they aren't listening. Thought this might be interesting. (It's all true)
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    Well, hello Lilly! Welcome to the forum. And it certainly is interesting. We're happy you found us. Reincarnation is a deep and amazing subject. I believe it is good you are open to it. Hopefully you will learn more as you study it. Keep a diary or journal to help. Thank you for sharing. ~Tinkerman
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    Welcome! That certainly is a very interesting story - You remember at such a young age.
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    Don't be discouraged. My family doesn't believe in this stuff either. It's frustrating not being able to share such an important thing like that, but we're here for you. And don't worry. I had the urge to look up someone from a time period I had never heard of and knew the end of their life's story halfway through the article. Past lives can poke through in mysterious ways, even if other people can't believe it.
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    Hi Lilly,

    Welcome. Don't be surprised by adverse reactions. Also, don't be too sure about first results. You may be off in your first explorations, but don't be discouraged. More may come to you later if, and when, you need to find it. My feeling is that you shouldn't be too sure about anything on this, including the "clue" you received, until you can feel very, very sure. That's just my approach. Others on the board may think differently

    In the meantime, does the fact that Alisa was interested in helping children find housing resonate with you? Do you feel drawn to this type of thing? I don't necessarily mean exactly what Alisa was doing, but things of that type, like helping poor children or people, or helping other people who need help? This can also be a clue. However, always remember that this is the life you are living right now. It is never a good idea to get so drawn into speculations (or memories) about the past that you miss out on activities and opportunities you have right now.

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