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    My name is James I am 47 I had written these after waking please excuse the grammar Here are my stories.

    March 24th I am in the country side of Germany. I am in the military this women is helping me and another guy get close to Hitlers layer. She is the girlfriend of this other guy I think he is a Jew. This women is driving this old car we are going down this old mud road. We are watching out for Germans. We don’t have any lights on we are driving by the moonlight. She takes us to a house. It has a Jewish family in it. We are spending the night one of the family is a German. In the morning I am going with this person to the layer. The man that was with me left I think he was a resistance fighter. His girlfriend is heading back with the car and is supposed to be back to get me tomorrow . She is caught by the Germans she is being interrogated meanwhile I am in this building I have this black uniform on it looks like mostly like leather and I have across my right shoulder a draped cloth or something it has a Eagle on it I have a bunch of metals on the left front of my uniform. I am walking down these stairs in this building when a German colonial turns the corner at the bottom of the stairs. As he is coming up he sees me and stops. He loves my uniform. And he is talking to me. He says I haven’t seen one of those in years. I tell him it was my fathers and I wear it in his memory. He leaves and I go into this room and am looking for information that I can take with me on Hitlers layer. I leave and go back to the house I stayed at. It’s dark and we can’t have any lights on. I have to pee in the dark. I am thinking to myself I can’t believe these people have to live in so much fear. I find out that the girl that drove me here was killed by the Germans and I have to walk back to the city. I wake up.

    March 29th I’m in a room with a man. He has done something that people would consider as evil. He has glasses and is a short man. He feels that he needs to take his life. I hand him my pistol. I go into another room. I know I didn’t put bullets in the pistol. I here it click. He pulls the trigger again and click. He yells and I here another click. He falls to the ground crying. I go back in the room and pick him up. And say ,now you see what the Jewish kids went through when they were shot in the trenches that you had ordered. I wake up.

    April 10th. I am in Australia I am in a aboriginal village they are having some type of ceremony. They are cutting up a kangaroo. It is strange they are using every part of it. I said to one of the men. You even eat it’s lungs. He said we eat all the organs. Heart lungs and liver. The only part we don’t eat is the brain. It housed the spirit of the animal. I wake up.

    April 16 I am watching a man hiding in a large building with others. The owner of the building is on the other side of his property the Colombian cartel are talking to him. I am in this building with the man that’s hiding. The owner of the property comes to the man hiding. He tells him he needs to go down in the cellar they won’t find you down there. The Colombian men tell the man on the walkies to hurry up do you see anyone. The man is walking the property. The Colombians are getting edgy. The man heads back towards them. Two of there guards take him back in. These guys are really dirty. They are talking in a different language. He is standing there. When another man comes in he is cleaner than the rest. And older. He is talking in there language. He tells them the Americans are moving in to find them. And they made a mistake and are on the wrong property. He tells them you made a wrong turn. The place you were looking for is 80 miles the other way. Meanwhile the leader tells the property owner that he is going to kill his whole family. While he is being threatened. The others are getting food and supplies from his kitchen. A short man with a walking problem is getting bag after bag of flower loading it up in there truck. Little do they know that the man that’s hiding in the cellar is safe. Because the Americans are with him. I am one of the them.The cartel think i am the property owner . I see my arm it’s large and has hair on it. It’s huge. They are taking me back to the building to search it. I tell them you are making a big mistake the man you are looking for is not here. The leader says that’s ok we are going to kill you anyway before we leave. I turn to him and put my hand on his shoulder. I tell him why would you do this when I have nothing to hide or to do with this. He says because we can and he starts to pull his gun. I grab it and turn him around and put the gun to his head. His men are all pointing there guns at me. I’ve got my huge arm around his neck. I tell him to tell them to drop there guns If i get shot you will be dead also. All of a sudden the rest of my men come up behind them. Also the man that informed them that the Americans were coming was on our side also. We have our guys in there cartel that they don’t know about. They surrender and we are on our way back home. Oh how I love my job.

    April 23 I am in a gym there is basketball players playing basketball looks like the Globetrotters with a little girl. There is something wrong with her. Everyone is cheering for her. After the game I walk onto the court and am talking to the players. There is a soccer ball laying there I pick it up. I just noticed the floor isn’t hard it is all padded. One of the players says let’s see what you got. I think to myself wait till you see this. I go to kick the ball and I can’t get it to go very far. I think to myself what is the deal with the padded floor. When all of a sudden a lot of kids come through the door there is something wrong with them all. I walk outside. And there is a sign about special needs children welcome. It makes since to me now. I wake up.

    If you would like to read more I have plenty.

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