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    Hi guys, here’s my story

    The following recount is as truthful as humanly possible, nothing is made up

    Specifically, it started about 15 years ago.

    At that time I did not have a PC and therefore no internet. Nevertheless, I was very interested in the news, so I often waited at the railway station nearby for the daily papers for the next day, which were usually handed over to the colporteurs at around 6 pm.
    In the hall of said train station at that time was the bust of a well-known historical personality set up which I had actually always noticed only incidentally.

    One day, when I was waiting again, a strange 'message' suddenly popped into my mind literally saying, 'If anybody passes by that I know, I tell them that (it meant the bust) is me'. The input felt as if spoken by my mind voice and came easy and light a feather so completely without any sign of force.
    Ahem I thought, what is this nonsense and shook my head and forgot it very quickly.
    About two to three weeks later at the same place exactly and the same text came up suddenly again. And again I thought, what kind of footle is this and flipped myself the bird but this time I was a bit puzzled because my thoughts usually do not produce something like that. And again I completely forgot ...
    Well and then another approximately two weeks later at the same place in the hall of the train station the exact same text with the same gentle loving energy is suddenly here. Only this time I thought I let it happen and then instantly became completely alerted and electrified and overwhelmed. I could barely breath for minutes, it was like a download of a mountain of unknown and yet so familiar impressions and emotions that I could not assign at all. I stood there inconceivable for minutes like a little child, staring at the bust in amazement while my body was trembling.
    After a while, I pulled myself together and interrupted this immense flow of impressions from another world. Then seconds later I recalled that I had seen a book about this exact historical person (represented by the bust) in the News and Book Store (which is located in the hall of Western Railway Station) some time before.

    I went straight in and they still had copies.
    I bought it and read the whole book within 2 days.
    It started a journey like I never could have dreamed of.

    To be continued …
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