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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by DerFlieger, Mar 31, 2018.

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    Hello everybody, new guy here. I've been reading the forum for a while now, and decided to finally post something. I know very few people in my life with whom I can discuss reincarnation seriously. It's a topic that is very important to me, and I enjoy talking about it, but most people I know dismiss it as something made up.

    I first became aware that I may have had past lives, when I was in high school. I was at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC and was in their section on WWI aviation. I remember seeing the Albatros DV, a German biplane, that was on display there and suddenly thinking to myself, oh I've been in one of those. I also noticed that the German uniforms seemed really familiar to me and I felt like I had worn one. Everything about WWI German aviation felt so familiar and almost like home to me. At the time I didn't really think to look too much more into it, and eventually as time went on I became Catholic (to make it easier to marry my wife in the Catholic church) and started to convince myself that reincarnation was not true because it didn't fit with Catholic doctrine. In the last few years I've come back to a belief in reincarnation, and have focused on trying to figure out who I was in WWI. Unfortunately I don't seem to have any concrete memories, just feelings and intuitions. I knew that I was German, flew an Albatros, most likely one that was painted black, had shot down a few enemy planes, but no more than 5, and was either killed in the war or survived but did not live to see Nazi Germany as I feel no connection to that time.
    After months and months of research I came across a photo of a pilot and it just clicked in my head, that's me. His name was Joachim von Bertrab and he flew a black Albatros, with a comet insignia painted on the side. And when I saw the image of the plane I felt like I recognized it as my plane. He shot down 5 enemy planes before being shot down himself in 1917 by British ace Edward Mannock and was taken prisoner for the remainder of the war. Von Bertrab died in 1922 in a plane crash. A lot of these facts seem to fit my intuitions pretty well. The only thing is, I wish I had some actual memories to confirm more solidly that I was von Bertrab. I've never had any dreams or visions and when I've tried self regression nothing happens. I have had visions of dreams about other lives though. I did have a dream about being an enslaved black man in my 50s or 60s being told to do some gardening in front of a plantation house. And I had a bizarre, between sleep and awake vision of being in a crowd of people that were being talked to by some higher up Roman official who was surrounded by soldiers. We were all scared of whatever he was telling us. And I still felt the fear as I came out of the vision.
    Anyway I would appreciate any thoughts that anyone has on what I've said.
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    Welcome to the forum DerFlieger. Yep, those feelings of knowing something without understanding how that happens to feel that way is pretty common and can stay with us for a lifetime. One of the strongest for me is about seventy-five years old. You seem to have memories of several lifetimes like many others here.
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    Hello DerFlieger! Welcome! I'm also mew here and I stopped discussing my PLs with my friends and family because they think I'm crazy. Sometimes it's better to talk with total stranger who understands you rather with friend who laughs at you.
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    Yeah, a lot of folk here (like me) seem to have no one to mention memories to. On the other hand, some are fortunate enough to now know some from pl's who also remember them.

    Some people seem to find validation important. I don't though. For me it's enough to know that my natural memories are real and no different in essence to remembering bits and pieces of my young, now distant early years now. As I have always been interested in history, I am wary of undergoing regression in case I create false memories. Also, I don't want to bring into my mind any memory - real or created - that I can't deal with.
    I am sure that I remember what I most need to remember anyway.
    So, it is really for each to decide for themselves whether to seek validation, even if to try regression.

    Not letting a pl pre-occupy and take over your here and now and your future is important, though. Visit a pl maybe to try and resolve important things but I am sure it's important not to obsess.

    I'm sure you will find empathy here :)

    Best wishes,


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