Normal People and Reincarnation

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    Today, I was in class and some guy was with his friends talking about this thing he found online that a baby's cry is from it's past life death. His friends were kinda amazed by it for a bit.

    I've been taking a break from studying reincarnation for a while, and this made me gain interest again. This also makes me wonder about exposure of reincarnartion in our world.

    They just live normal lives as if there's no backstory (past life memories) to it. How much people can actually remember their past life? Because I can't either. No recall or anything. Does this have to do with our soul age at all?

    Sometimes, I want to tap into blueprints (life planning charts) and just see how their lives work. What is their lesson for this life? What happened to them in a PL that made them the person they are today?

    They just aren't into it like we are. I'm not trying to single them out and make us look like a clique.

    How do you feel about this? How do you feel about the majority of our population that live their everyday lives and don't have to worry about possible traumatic PL memories or PL recallings or anything?

    I do remember, I was once a Christian who thought being good in this single life would lead me to eternal life. *Unintentionally* learning about reincarnation really broadened my mind about the way my life is today, my personality and the relationships that I have.

    So, they won't remember until they come back to the afterlife?

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