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    I have just found this forum after a short time of searching for a place to share my thoughts in this area. I don't really have any enquiries about a past life, I would merely like to discuss what I feel like must be a past life of mine. Also to hear from others on similar feelings or different feelings entirely.

    Now, what I feel like is a past life of mine I do not think is mere visions of a place that I just so happen to be interested in and have seen loads of photos of. Nor is it borne of an idea that I look like some important historical figure (because, come on, there's only so many ways the human face can look. There are three other people on this planet as I type who look just like me, statistically speaking, and even more who have passed on through the years.) I think this must be a past life for the detail of memories I have. I have had these memories since a very young age. I was five when I asked my mom every day where it was that we had vacationed where there was a beach, but we had never even gone on vacation. But I had such a memory of this beach and days spent on it. I did through the years and up to now, as I am 22 years old.

    I remember the hot sand. And how warm the water was until it reached your thighs. The stifling hot days that feel like a hot wet cloth is held over your nose and mouth. I have memories of scenery so specific that I can scarcely begin to describe it all. I remember sitting in a tin bath full of cool water, in a room beside an open window. The way the ivory drapes blew in the wind and casted strange shadows on the walls. Another where I laid on a wet dock, looking into crystal clear waters at a starfish on the white sand below. I remember how the slimy wood smelled so bad and that it made my hands and clothes smell the same. I have a distinct memory of 18th century ships in a harbor. I am just looking at them from a beach. And staring at the horizon, day and night, wondering what was just beyond. There are far too many for me to type out right now. And it's not just these memories. It's this feeling of homesickness for a place that I've never seen. This strange feeling that if I were to find this place, I would know it, and I would be where I should be. I feel like I have left something behind there and I need to go back.

    Recently I went to The Bahamas and it reminded me of these memories, but it wasn't the same. Though I can say that the hot humid weather and the smell of the sea seemed so familiar. It just wasn't the same scenery. I'd say what I am remembering more is like Cuba or Jamaica or another small island in that area.

    This is the first time I have ever written out these memories or feelings so I apologize if they are not explained well. I would love it to have similar experiences or ideas shared here!
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    Welcome to this forum Viera, your memories sound like others I've heard from others on this forum and in books like Across Time and Death by Jenny Cockell. From your description, you might visit San Andres island. I spent a couple of weeks there in December of 1976; it is a small island that is probably quite different now, back then there were very few tourists and it was sort of a hidden paradise of sorts.

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