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    I truly believe that when we have pets we are apart of their evolution as soul. Let me explain. All life is apart of spirit. Animals are no exception. Wild animals belong to what they call a group soul. Meaning that the soul of that animal has not yet evolved enough in consciousness to have developed an individual state of awareness yet. So when it dies the soul returns to that group state of consciousness that it belongs to be it a bird, fish, buffalo, horse, ect.. bringing with it the experience it had while on the earth plane. Over many, many lifetimes as different states of consciousness soul over time begins to evolve a more individual state of conscious of the self. In essences an ego.

    Our pets thru the association of humans develop qualities of love, devotion, personalities, ect.. So thru the relationship with humans those wonderful little souls are thru you developing more qualities in awareness of the spirit in preparation for their next evolutionary leap as an individualized state of consciousness. More than likely as a primitive human in the next life. So you have been apart of that process by giving them love, care, devotion, and protection while under your care. All life is apart of spirit which is just one force of being. So in essences all life is evolving towards a higher state of consciousness and awareness. Our consciousness might be individualized as human beings however the life force within us is the same as animals.

    As everything in the Cosmos is apart of the source of all that is or what man terms as God. So when a pet dies it's ok to feel sad about the loss of your family member. But please remember and know that you have been apart of their evolution as soul. Giving them the greatest gift one could ever give. Unconditional love. Which helps them on their journey home as well in becoming self realized as soul.

    Peace and love to each and everyone of you....


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