Past Life As Queen Victoria?

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    Hi guys! I’m new in this forum so I’m really nervous about sharing. I know this is the place I can openly share about past life memories. I tried with a couple of my close friends and some members of my family as well and they’ve all treated me like I’ve lost my mind or that I am possessed by some kind of spirit (the devil) which is common perception of people growing up in a strict Christian upbringing.

    Anyway, I stumbled upon past life regression a couple years ago after I read books about the topic and I was blown away. It kinda helps me understand for example why I am more mature than my parents and why I think differently from the rest of people I grow up with, why I am more introspective, why I have certain phobias that I can’t explain in this lifetime, etc.

    I tried listening to past life regression tapes and I was able to recall some past lives I lived. I remembered being a cave man during the stone age, as a nun who died in a fire, a German scholar in the middle ages, a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes who loves dogs, a toy maker who makes replicas of castles, a rich merchant who drowned with my family, and a Roman ruler who died at a very young age. These memories didn’t haunt me as much compared to my memory as Queen Victoria. I know it’s quite bold to say it cos I myself denied it the first time cos she is such an important historical figure and many people would dismiss it.

    But let me tell you a little background about me. I’m 38 years old female. I am Filipina and grew up in the Philippines, a tropical country in Southeast Asia. I moved to the US less than a decade ago to marry my husband who is White with a mixed Russian-German heritage. In the years that I lived in the US, I discovered that I loved watching period pieces drama especially ones that involves royalty for entertainment purposes only. I never really dig into the historical background of these movies, but just simply enjoyed watching the stories.

    My research into past life memories happened cos of a recurrent dream for many years being in a house where the rooms have heigh ceilings and the curtains are thick and heavy and the windows are long as well. The rooms are decorated in a way that only a rich person with high status can have. I get the feeling in the dream that I am some kind of royalty but I dismissed it as soon as I woke up. They were impressions in my mind and growing up very poor in the Philippines, there was no way I could have visited a place like that or even watched it on TV cos we didn’t have any. These dreams came to me since I was 19 years old till I moved to the US. When I stumbled a book from Dr. Brian Weiss, that’s when I started exploring if my recurrent dream has some connection to a past life.

    I never knew about Queen Victoria or show any interest about her even after I moved to the US. The only thing I can say when I saw her portrait for the first time in a Google search was like ****, she kinda has my grandma’s nose and droopy cheeks, lol! But that’s it, I didn’t have the desire to know who she was.

    Now, back to the past life memories of her. I remembered being Queen Victoria in a couple flashbacks. I remembered being her and I was with my husband who surprisingly at the time of regression kinda looks like my husband, lol! At that time I was like this isn’t real cos my husband couldn’t look like her husband. So I dismissed that and didn’t try again after a couple more times. And I did try again and in these memories I recalled being close to a servant who is an Indian and remembered feeling very heavy in weight I had a hard time moving. Now it is at this point that I become interested knowing who is Queen Victoria. And literally i almost fell off the chair after doing a google search cos I discovered some weird similarities! Her birthday was may 24, 1819. I was born may 24, 1981. She was 4’11 in height and I am also 4’11 tall! I struggled with weight ever since I can remember and suffered greatly cos of the taunting that my body weight is too much for my height. And the part about the husband, I discovered her husband Albert can
    be my husband’s ancestor by the way they look! They have similar nose, same hair, same beard same smile. And I proposed to my husband the way she did. The timeline of courtship is almost the same length of time as Queen Victoria’s and her husband and same passion and love for each other as well. Growing up, I have always a fondness for Indian people and their culture and interestingly surrounded by Indians even when I was still in the Philippines till now ( our landlord is an Indian and I have several Indian friends. I share Queen Victoria’s sentiment about having children but also have that strong drive to lead and get things done. I love the name Victoria that I wish my parents named me that. I knew 6 people named Victoria in my life 2 of which are my aunts both paternal and maternal side. Anyway, I’m sharing this not to make myself feel superior above any one else but that showing that it is likely that I had actually lived her life in the distant past.
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    Welcome to the forum HoneyMay, that indeed is quite a famous past-life claim. Take some time and read through some of the others that have experienced similar memories. Make sure to write things in a secure place as you recall them. And, yes you will get the side-eye from religious folk whose teachings placed Church between them and Source, ignore that ignorance and continue on your path.
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    Hello, welcome to the forum. I lived in Victorian England in a past life, and I've been fascinated with the era, not sure if since childhood, but definitely as a teen. I never cared too much about royalty or the high society though, I was more interested in industrial/working class London or the colonies in East Africa. Anyway...

    You should draw how the room looked like, to see if you can find any validations later.

    That's a bit of an odd reaction after seeing a past life picture for the first time.

    What else was happening? What is it that really convinced you that you were Queen Victoria and not someone else?

    As for the similarities you mention, I honestly wouldn't pay too much attention to them. We did the exercise somewhere else of making up claims (just for fun, nobody took it seriously) based on similarities only, the results were pretty interesting, I was able to make quite a convincing claim on how I am Harry Potter. But anyway, I' m not trying to humiliate you, and chances are you' ll be annoyed at me, but I think you' ll be doing yourself a favour by trying to look at the situation from a different angle. Maybe you are queen Victoria, I don't know. If you are, in the end, what matters is that she was you, not that you were her.

    You' ll find some good information to start with in this forum, as Ken was suggesting. And maybe reflect on when you are a child: any specific affinities? games that were maybe odd? did you write stories? what were they about? any fears? Maybe find a list of names of people that were prominent during the Victorian era and write down your feelings about those people, without thinking too much. Any place in England you like more than others? Maybe look at pictures of different places, and see if you feel something in particular with them. You don't need to do this on the forum, I' m merely suggesting them for exercises at home if you would like to find more about your past.

    And something else, you say you remember all these other lives as well, what do you think Queen Victoria learnt from them?
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    How do you feel about Lord Melbourne? Victoria had a long love affair with him for YEARS.

    Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy it here and find a lot of wise advice and information.

    Eva x

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