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    A few years ago, I had a series of very vivid dreams all in the same night.

    The strongest one was this:

    I was a young adult in the late 1960's, 19 years old. I was at a party with my friends and overdosed on heroin. The strangest thing about this dream is that not only was it very realistic, but when I woke up, I recalled the detailed experience of dying from this overdose. When I awoke, I had no question in my mind this was memory of some sort, but it didn't make me feel afraid, only a little sad and regretful. Oddly enough, I've always had a very strong aversion to recreational drugs bordering on fearfulness. But the recollection of dying was so strange and vivid....

    The same morning when I awoke, I also recalled - in less detail but still felt very real - that I lived in a clan in Ancient Ireland and that my now-husband was a cowboy in the Wild West who had been shot dead in the back (my husband has severe back pain the doctors haven't been able to properly treat - diagnosed as fibromyalgia). Not sure why I would also recall my husband's past life? But I definitely have long had a strong affinity to the ancient Insular Celts in Ireland and Scotland.

    I've been thinking of trying past life regression (self hypnosis) to see if these line up or if I can get more detail. Has anyone had past life dreams and then tried past life regression? Has anyone else experienced death like this in their dreams?
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    Hi, yes I have. Recurring horrible nightmare year in and year out and being finally gone when I was about 7 years of age. Years later found out who I had been. Found out I was right about the way I died. Wish I wasn't. I have had past life regression meditation several times from that life, one was just being at home stay mom in the house I then lived with my then husband, nothing in particular happened, sometimes you are protected and not seeing the bad stuff, like we later divorced, but that did not come up to surface during this meditation in question.

    If you died from a sudden overdose you fit in to the criteria of those who has died suddenly without expecting it, this type of abrupt and/or violent death can be seen in children who remembers past lives. I'm sorry you had this experience.

    You may remember your husband's past life because you knew him in that life too.

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    I had a regression about my death in my WWII lifetime. It ‘started’ from the time where I was in the camp hospital (I recently found validation for the hospital) and I saw right up into when I was in Spirit. I was in a pretty bad way when I returned. Spent from mid 1945 to around 1951, spiritually asleep and being healed by my twin flame/soulmate.

    The thing is, I felt nothing but unconditional love in this regression. Even when I was still floating between surviving and dying, there was this sense of peace and felt that I was ready to leave.

    Seeing my death from my WWII lifetime has made me less afraid of death, as I know who is waiting for me on the other side. Also, I find it VERY hard to be sad at funerals. Because I know that it is not an eternal goodbye, merely just a temporary one.

    Get a second opinion. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012, yet I am just beginning to explore the possibilities of it being Lyme Disease, CFS or even possibly ME. I was in remission from April 2015 (ironically, my symptoms started to subside when I addressed the fact I needed to write a book on what happened in WWII to both myself and my love) and recently in the past few months has reappeared.

    There was a article somewhere I read ( unfortunately, I could not find it again) that Chronic fatigue syndromes such as Fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, Lyme are connected to past lives where manual labour and exhaustion were involved. Those lives such as the Holocaust and Soviet Gulags. That the soul endured so much physical exhaustion that it could not heal or recover in time.

    Eva x
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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Today I came across dream records from the 1990's and would like to share this strange and unusual account.

    A vision while meditating. I was a young Egyptian male sitting in the darkness in a pyramid in Egypt. To my left some food, an offering, to my right, gold and silver treasures. In front of me a huge snake, a cobra, rising, whirling and twisting. "What does it want?" I thought. Then a shock of realization touched me. This is the same snake I saw 20 years ago when I was meditating in the wilderness beside Slide Lake in Ontario, the water snake that rose up out of the water to observe me with curiosity. Then suddenly I was with the snake, slithering down tunnels and passageways inside the pyramid, an unknown passage way leading to an underground chamber of records located just outside the pyramid. Inside, a brightly lit chamber, a crystal glowing in the middle of it and encased in transparent coffins, the perfectly preserved bodies of a beautiful lady of royalty and a young man of royalty, still breathing and somehow captured in limbo. Then, while I watched, the room began to spin around and I realized that it was the interior of a space ship. It whirled faster and faster then levitated above the earth and disappeared into outer space. I returned to the body of the young Egyptian male who drew a circle around him and lay down in the middle of it.
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    Hi IndigoPoetry and everyone else! I hope that it is alright if I jump in here with my own strange experience of a dream/past life/and who knows what else...? I have searched for the topic of dreams and came to this thread. I have now enjoyed reading your own dreams on this thread.

    Long time ago I had this "dream" and wish to read of any thoughts of yours if it could have any meaning. It has stuck with me because it was so clear and different.

    My "dream" was this: I am "Anna" (a past self who died in the 1970's, my most recent past life self). I can tell that I am Anna because I had the coat I use to have in the autumn/winter time. I can also tell because my dark hair was long and over on the side so I could see it. I am holding a black bible in my hand. I come in to a wooden house. I stand opposite a man who's face I could not see, but I felt the feeling of his essence, his persona. He is angry. He hits the bible out of my hands and it lands on the wooden floor. I bend down to get it and see that it has opened. In between the pages, where it has opened, is a dried up flower. I pick up the bible with the flower. From my view from the time the bible landed on the floor I saw this man's clothing and realized later on that he was Laura's husband (Laura being past life me, before I was Anna).

    Now, the thing is - my grandmother left a black bible and in it is a dried up flower. I did not know this when I had this dream. My grandmother, I have learned later on, was gifted and interested in what my mother thought was nonsense, that is the paranormal, the life after this, and she tried to talk to her about these things but my mother never wanted to hear it and then my grandmother died young so I never had the chance to meet her.

    Could this dream mean anything? Any message/es?

    Thank you for your time.

    Best Wishes
    Li La

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