Past life found/verified?

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by EternalAgony, May 12, 2016.

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    First of all, I do not judge you at all. I just had to reply, though, because I had a vivid episode, concerning my son. During this episide, I truly felt my kid was the reincarnation of Jeffery Dahmer. Omg please do not laugh at me, and please do not think I am trying to disregard your post at all or make fun of it. This really, truly happened. I am so embarrassed now, though, I do admit, in the back of my mind, it still creeps up on me. This is what happened.

    I am a sucker for Ranker. I get on their lists and always find myself on the Graveyard Shift. Anyway, one night, I ended up on a list about Jeffery Dahmer. Being the idiot I am, I get curioser and curioser, so end up reading more about him on Wikipedia and other sites. Well, I see a childhood pic of him. He looks exactly like my kid at thst age! I am like, omg! I take a closer look at his adult pic. My kid is 17 at this point. They look very similar. I check the birthday. It coincides with my reincarnation theory that you are always born around the same time. In this case, he was born three days before my son's birthday, exactly forty years apart. I have anxiety disorder and started panicking. Lol I pull myself together and go to my son's room. I just want to see him, to verify it is not him. I swear to God, my son is smiling and laughing when I walk in and holds up his phone. He is on Google. In the search bar is 'How to eat people'. I freaked out. I really, truly freaked. I swear to God this happened. I am not making it up. He literally had that in the Google search bar as I walked in there to verify he was not Jeffery Dahmer. >_<

    It took me a while to calm down and get over it. I was literally at the point of calling his father and telling him our son was the reincarnation of Jeffery Dahmer. He would have laughed at me and called me crazy and might have even took custody of our son, that is how upset I was.

    However. My son is truly the sweetest most gentle soul I have ever known, though he does like to pull pranks and google crazy things for fun. He loves animals so much and gets mad if even you step on an insect. I can only conclude that it was a crazy, horrible coincedence that night.

    But, really. Please do not hate me for this, but I hope you are him because that would mean my son definitely isn't. Again, while I have dismissed it mostly, there is still a little nagging feeling and I feel so guilty for having it.

    Edited to add:

    I again want to stress that I was in no way trying to invalidate your claim at all. Nor was I making fun of you at all. I do sometimes come across as immature in how I express myself but the above honestly, truly happened. My son and I joke about it now, but at the time, it was more scary to me than when I first 'felt' my own past life. So I apologize profusely if my reply sounds like I am trolling you or something. I promise I am not. I just tend to write like that when I get excited.
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    You've a crush on Jeffrey Dahmer WhiteRose?

    Hopefully your just being a naive child.
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    I would like to remind you that we are all guests of Carol Bowmans website. This lady gives us the opportunity (keeping a website and a forum costs a lot of money) to exchange information about reincarnation. So we can learn and grow emotionally and spiritually.
    This forum is not a playground for children, it’s not a place for throwing up thoughtless remarks without any context.
    We encourage people to formulate meaningfull posts and we encourage meaningull discussions and conversations for the benefit of all readers of the forum.
    Thank you for reading and if there are any questions left, you can PM me or any other moderator.
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