Past life in ancient Egypt or Persia maybe??

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Blue Raven, Jan 1, 2018.

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    Ok. So this is weird.
    But when I was a little girl (started at age 4)
    I would have 'daydreams' or visions of myself as a woman, in some sort of temple. The temple was obviously designed for royalty. Big white pillars and a bed centered in the middle is what I remember.
    I have not told anyone about this, because I've always felt embarassed to have had these thoughts when I was so young.. However.

    The vision was me, with several men.
    I would take them to please me whenever I would choose. Sometimes multiple at a time. They were there to feed me and service me as I wished.
    I would be wearing a white and gold robe/toga/dress.

    I don't have any other memory.. But I would see this many times throughout my early childhood and being so young it made me feel I was doing something wrong. I was very aware of sexuality at such a young age, although to my recollection there is no reason I should have been...
    Nor any reason I would have known about this ancient culture I haven't been exposed to.

    Recently I had someone do energy work on me during a phase of despair and depression after yet another break up. She started to laugh a little during the healing and apologized. She said it was because my ancestors were surrounding me and basically laughing at me for allowing a man to make me feel this way and that I forgot who I was.. An empress and a priestess.

    About a month later I had a card reading and she had told me I had karmic debt to pay before I found the love I desire in this lifetime.
    She also said that I was a very powerful woman and I forgot my power because of the unwanted envy I received in the past and that I need to own who I am. Once again.. A priestess.

    Between these 2 events, I started to recall these childhood memories and wonder if they were actual memories or just sexual fantasies as I always figured them to be.

    Also.. When I was the same age..
    My room would often be filled with wasps when I would wake.
    I would call my dad in and he would spray them all for me while I hid under the covers from them.

    I'm not sure if these 2 are related, but for whatever reason.. Both memories resurfaced at the same time.

    I have loved several men in this lifetime and to my dismay, none have lasted. And even though it is usually me that leaves, it is because they have betrayed my trust in one way orvthe other.
    It has brought me much sorrow and grief..
    I have begun to wonder if I hurt any of these men in the past, and my debt is to them.

    I am hoping to find as much clarity as possible. Thank you for reading
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    I also was a priestress, in a whole different culture, though. It is interesting to see how memories can influence a child - and the part about your ancestors made me laugh xD
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    Yeaaa.. She said they were laughing at me, like
    And I agree. I thought I was some pervert for having these thoughts. I am glad to realize it was a past life. More and more evidence is pointing to that.
    I hope to gain knowledge and heal whatever it is I need to heal
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    Hi there Blue Raven, wow, that's quite a memory. I am not very keen on ancient religions, but from what I know of common knowledge many ancient societies have had these fertility branches within their traditional religious beliefs. Even Greece, Rome, and I think here in the Americas too.

    From one of my past lives I know that there had been the "droit du seigneur" thing (or something close to this, anyway) in Babylon, and the high priest or the monarch (*and the monarch in question got really really very upset at this notion btw, even when I'd told him that the idea came straight from Heaven hah!) would have the choice of the first night with noble young women, and I also read that this sort of thing would go on in the Baal temple with virgin city girls, and so on. Fertility rites have always been so important to humans through all ages, right? Aaaand, they still are!

    As for what you think is a "debt to pay", well, I think it otherwise. Whatever debt one has with people in one life -- it will be settled in that life. This is my take. For me, whatever we do -- bad or good, to be blunt -- is settled here and now. So I don't think you should be worried about the past life you remember. Besides, these rituals (or rites, maybe) were sacred, not pervertions. We mustn't look at our past stuff with the eyes of Today's mores, no no. Dreadful thing to do. If you served a Goddess, for instance, it was your calling. No harm there, yes?

    If you are having troubles with your friends --- and do tell me, who isn't now a days? ---, maybe you should start meditating. Meditation helps us to really see what we really Want. Try this some time. Like -- my trouble is that I don't like being with people in a boyfriend-girlfriend tralala relationship (or girlfriend-girlfriend at it is). Haha, I am an Aquarius, so I like freedom. Check what you want for this life! I have had some experiences, but people always ditch me, becoz they expect too much from me in a very short period of time. And my mind has something which sticks to it, and it looks it won't go, because it is fit for my personality & temperament, as it was before: I like the more carefree, unconventional relations. Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Capricorn ---- BAH!

    Pay respect to your ancestors --- your ancestors in this life, this DNA you've got from them --, and listen to them. Meditate and ask them why are they laughing. The answers to your worries may be so close, that they are laughing at you. But I have a guess that what they really want is to laugh with you ;)

    Good luck!
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