Past life memories - lack of sleep?

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    My daughter has past life memories, is seen by teachers as highly sensitive and she had and have bad sleeping pattern. When she was born and forward she has had and have trouble sleeping. I am so used to it by now. Now that she sleeps over at a friend the parents complain and I understand. It is not that she is homesick and therefor can't sleep.

    I wonder if it is possible that she remembers past life memories because of her bad routine of sleep? That it is easier for her to go into "trance", a meditative state?

    She does not seem at all to have bad past life memories, thus it is not a nightmare that wake her.
    She is not afraid either.

    Please, share.

    Best Wishes

    Li La
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    Hi Li La !

    I get increased amount of flashbacks during the days when my sleep is poor, so I do not doubt if your daughter is the same. I'm also sensitive so perhaps I take in things too much.

    It could also just be that she simply does not need to sleep as much.

    For instance, with my parents one need much more sleep than the other. I am somewhere in the middle ;)

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