Past-life-people contacting you in dreams?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by sortoflikeheaven, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Hi, have anyone experiencing in a dream a person you knew in a past life re emerge in a dream - as if that person wanted to talk to you as your present self?

    So the background is basically that I think I have pinned down who I was in my recent past life, a female.

    Then quite recently I had a dream that I woke up from in the middle of the night. In this dream her ex husband was in a restaurant with lots of people, and they knew him. It was like it was a big thing that he was there, that he had arrived there. I was in the restaurant across the street. (The irony of this is that I years earlier remembered that their romance began when they had been young, out partying and going from one restaurant to another and meeting each other). So then I kind of see him through the glass of his restaurant, from afar, looking pass some people that were there with him and seeing me (behind my glass, at the other restaurant). Then he goes out of his restaurant and out on the street which is empty and dark, it is in the evening. I go out of my restaurant. He looks older than from the time when past-life me knew him (but not very oldish but I would say in his 50's or so, but very well preserved). We start talking and walking for a bit, standing still for a bit too. I can't for the life of me remember what we talked about (frustrating), but I know it was for quite a while. He was kind of serious, kind of strict and maybe a little sad, but not wanting me to see that but I could sense it anyhow. Then I wake up. And then I just had this feeling. Some time later I found record that he had passed away around the time I had had my dream of him. I know this sound unbelievable.

    Is this just pure coincidence or did we really meet at some level in this dream? Has this kind of thing happened to you or other people you know?

    I would really like to know, please share :)
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    I cannot say for sure that it was a coincidence or really a person from the past (without a body) is trying to communicate with you because your soul is known to him. Most of the time I don't trust too much when I meet people I lived with in the past, especially because we all leave our astral projectiles in the astral world after moving to the mental plane. Basically, sometimes we communicate with people who died a while ago, but we are not really communicating with them, we are communicating with the dense energy that has been left in that astral layer. That is why it is also possible to communicate with famous people who died centuries ago. But back to the main point: it can be the memory of a past life. Perhaps that person is not yet reincarnated. You may be communicating with your astral shell, or something is simply happening which cannot be explained. There are never definitive answers, and it all depends on your intuition and what you feel when you dream.

    For my part, a long time ago a person who hurt me a lot in the past came back as a spirit to annoy me. He had a lot of resentment, but with love and affection, he is gone and I suppose he will reincarnate. He was too busy trying to annoy me because he still hated me so much that he followed me. Now everything is resolved :) I recommend you keep investigating and if you keep dreaming, it could mean something. Try to make sure that it really is the person and not his astral shell. Good luck;)
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    I do not recall if this was a dream or one of those odd occurrences that happen in the space between waking and sleep, but someone came looking for a past iteration of me. He kept calling me by my old name and insisting on fighting me, as though he needed revenge or something. He repeatedly tried to goad me on, but after enough times telling him that I do not do fighting anymore, he gave up.

    Interestingly enough, I had been considering posting about this myself just yesterday.
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    Yes, I’ve had several dreams where I’m talking to a certain few people that I knew. One who has surfaced a few times, and who I have mixed feelings about, has chatted with me about the end of WWII (which neither of us survived). These are conversations to ‘make amends’. Another is a loved one, and I can see and talk to her, but she can’t hear me.
    Idk if any of these are even real, but my imagination probably and wishful thinking.
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    Hi - this is an extremely interesting thread, thank you for posting! I have also experienced this, except the past life person that spoke with me was myself. For the past year or so I had been trying to pin down just who and where I was last time I was on Earth, or whatever life was causing the disturbances I have been experiencing in this life, and after having found out who it was a part of me was rejecting it. After a while I had a dream that began with me in what resembled a square in London, like a park, and there was some sort of festival or fair going on, with banners everywhere. I was sitting on the grass with my dad, and then I saw the person I thought I was approaching us from the distance. I was curious to meet them, so I got up and approached them and shook their hand; they were a lot more serious with me than I had imagined they would be, and very business-like, but in a kind way. I asked them for their autograph, they took a pen and paper out of their jacket pocket, and after writing turned the paper around and held it up, and my own name was written there instead of theirs, and funnily enough it was the name that was originally intended for me, which due to some misunderstanding, did not end up on my birth certificate. They then proceeded to talk to me or try to advise me on what I was doing with my career in my life now; they took me to a few different places as they were talking to me (like one of my old school classrooms, my childhood home), and writing things down, and showing me diagrams, etc, but unfortunately when I woke up I remembered very little of what they had said. I have come to understand with dreams like that, the good work is done as we sleep, and we don't necessarily need to remember the details; I felt a lot more stable in myself after that dream. I felt deep down that this was a genuine connection, not a coincidence.

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