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Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Kelly Neistat, Nov 3, 2018.

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    I have spent the last 24 hours consumed in information I can find on past lives, especially with those we spend multiple lives with.

    Long story short, my partner and I have been together for 6 years, and have known each other for approximately 8. A few weeks ago we suddenly split.

    Just before this, we were at an art opening and we each had our tarot read. Mine was quite accurate, though it was pointing toward more career/life fulfillment work than relationship. At least this was how he read it.

    Fast forward to this week. My [now] ex partner attended another event where this same tarot reader was also attending. The tarot reader immediately sees my partner and says "How are you? You two broke up..."
    My partner, taken aback that he knew this, asked how. He was told it was in both of our readings the previous month, though it was not his place to tell us this information as it was ours to journey through. He then says "do not feel like you have wasted any time together, you have been together in many past lives.."

    I have always had an inkling of past lives and experiences, though have never spent too much time delving into the subject. There is something about this that has struck me and I would love to hear thoughts on why a relationship, though quite compatible, is presented with obstacles that seem difficult to overcome, especially when the idea of multiple lives together is at play.
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    Hi, I'm sorry it did not work out for you guys.

    I have a theory that once you or someone connected to you make a certain choice you are on a path that has to run it's course (I also believe the classic term that when one door closes another opens, so I think we have several destinies).

    I think there are different perspectives and sometimes from one life to the next we are quite stubborn with certain ways of thinking. Sometimes that can not be met. I think that was why it has not worked with me and a soul that I've been connected to in several life times - when it comes to us being girlfriend and boyfriend. Maybe in one life time it will. Maybe we were meant to fail in one life time due to things we don't understand (yet) to fix it in another.
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    From what I know, we are here to learn lessons. Souls agree to come in together to teach each other certain things, and to help them evolve. Perhaps you two had finished your work together in this life and needed the position of significant other open for someone else. Or perhaps the breakup was a lesson for one or both of you.

    I know this can be hard to believe, but sometimes the people closest to you have tough lessons to teach. I ran into this recently when I picked up a past life memory where my best friend confronted me about sleeping with his wife. I was appalled and asked my higher self why I would do such a thing, but was told that this was a favor to the best friend's soul. He needed to learn a lesson from that sort of situation, and I had agreed to help. I still feel like a scumbag for having done that, but at least it served a positive purpose.

    An obstacle to compatibility might also be changes in situation. Cultures, upbringings, social class, life events, etc. will all affect the way you interact with people. Since this varies between lives, perhaps your previous lifetimes placed you in situations more conducive to your relationship than your current surroundings.
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    Hello Kelly, and a warm welcome to the forum. This is a very interesting post to me, first the idea of the tarot reading foretelling the break-up and second the past life reference form the reader. I've never had a tarot card reading by a serious practitioner, but the idea of these cards has always intrigued me. In my own experience with a "friend" and past life love, we were looking at angel cards with words that could supposedly mean something. The last time we drew the three cards together they read Trust, Dreams, Soulmate. It meant a lot to me, so much so that I closed the box and have never opened them since. I do trust. Who knows what it all means, I think the mystery is apart of the game plan. I would suggest a book I read many years ago that dealt with a few of your questions, it was called Twin Souls by Patricia Jourdrey. I look forward to more of your story. Again welcome, ~Tman
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    I’ve thought about this a lot, because I met more than one compatible partner, and almost certain former life loves or at least beloved Souls.

    The answers will only be known with hindsight, I guess. Looking backwards, I know now that these made me the person I am today. I also didn’t know than that I was still going to meet my twinsoul later in life.

    I do know now that if I had stayed in one of those relationships, I would never, never had certain life changing experiences ( including the bad ones). I would have lived a more secure life, without the rawness I did encounter later. I needed that too, in order to overgrow it as well.

    On the other side, my twinsoul has led a raw life as well. More than me, although comparing is not a real meaningfull thing. We couldn’t have met before in time, because our big ego’s had to be cracked and smashed and healed again. This is still work in progress, btw. It’s the reason why we decided not to meet in person. Actually we live very close but we don’t do it. We talk and heal and grow and live our separate lives.

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