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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Alli, Oct 9, 2017.

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    For years and years, I have known I was a young American soldier who died in Vietnam, somewhere near Cambodia and Laos (1969). I used to cry all the time watching documentaries. After participating in a past life regression and with the help of another clairvoyant, I have received relief to some extent. I don't cry anymore, but fireworks, gunshots, etc put me on edge. I died by having my throat cut from an ambush, then taken to a helicopter, which wad shot down. That is when I passed on, where my body still lies, decayed, never to be found.
    There are some fears that still reside from that life. However, during my quest to know more, my psychic has seen helicopters above my head, but my spirit guides say that I don't need to worry about that life anymore and to let it go. But recently i have seen more cockroaches getting closer. I have always attributed roaches to the Vietcong, ambushing, then disappearing in their caves. Flying at me, being in absolute terror in their presence. Tonight, one was right next to me this evening and the panic came back. I went to grab a shoe, then couldn't find it. I don't have an infestation of roaches, but every once in a while I will see one and have my husband smash it. A few weeks ago when PBS had a Vietnam war documentary series, I saw a few roaches. I am hoping that I am ready to hear more about this past life if my spirit guides allow me to know.
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    That is very interesting! I have heard of several cases where animals have symbolised past life issues.
    However, I would recommend not to kill them. They are not bad. They are just a symbol and should not be crushed, just like you cant kill your past life.
    So how about you take them outside nect time?
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    Thanks for sharing your story Alli. I think the one thing that I liked about the recent PBS documentary was that it showed the humanity of the Vietnamese soldiers and people. As a veteran of that era I never really gave it much thought... yet, now I see them differently... as people struggling for their cause, yearning for home and family. Perhaps a conscious offering of peace and forgiveness to your past incarnation might further your healing. Blessings ~Tman

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