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    hi, I'm new and i don't really know how this works but i came here to understand this more. i'm actually only 14 and my dad constantly tells me that I could possibly be his mom, here are some points why

    -when his mom died i was born near her birthday 4 years later or something like that
    - i listen to the EXACT same music as she did
    -when i was younger i used to tell my dad that i wanted to go see mom and when he took me to my actuall mom i would say "no not her! Lucie!" and that was my dads grandmother's name
    - i constantly talked about how i wanted to see grandma and my dad would keep telling grandmas gone she was gone a while ago and i would say no i was just talking to her! i also have no memory of all of this
    -my dad packed away some of his mothers ring and stuff i would say "why are you putting my things away"
    keep in mind i was very VERY young
    -my dad would hear me talk about things to my mom that happened about him when he was young.
    - even now i would hum songs i didn't even know existed. like the Adams family theme song i had no idea what that was until a few months later

    I don't really know if any of you can help me on why this is happening, or like tell me why i am like this lol.
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    Hi Megs, Thank you for sharing your story and welcome to the forum. From what you have told us you make a good case. But go easy, and don't make assumptions; ultimately you are... you. To really understand past lives you need to really look into the subject, and this is certainly a good place to start. I recommend you check out the book section and head to the library or book store. Read, read, read... the more you understand the more sense it will make. The forum's owner, Carol Bowman, has some great books that will help you; Brian Weiss is another good author. Also keep a journal of everything you know and everything you remember.

    We can help you by offering a safe place to talk about it. So feel free to ask questions, look around, there are plenty of interesting cases here. As to why this is happening... well, I suppose we all wonder that, and perhaps you'll be able to help the rest of us with it too.

    Enjoy the mystery and the journey. Blessings, ~Tman
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