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Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Vincent Asaro, Jan 5, 2019.

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    I've begun to question whether or not some experiences I've had indicate a possible past life memory. I'm generally skeptical/rational but not completely closed-minded. I'm interested in feedback and interpretations. I don't have any dramatic evidence, but what I have is consistent with accounts I've read. There are rational explanations for all of these but I'm interested in looking outside of that. What do you think?

    1. My earliest memory, age 2 or 3, is waking up from sleep and sitting up, wondering if the world I was in was some kind of dream. I had a strong feeling that my whole life was a dream, that my real life was somewhere else. The door to my room was slightly ajar, light from the hallway was falling across the bed and I could hear my parents talking in another room. This experience was so compelling that I kept that blanket and still have it (I'm now in my mid-40's). I remember it like it happened last night.

    2. As a small child I had a strong feeling that I had another set of parents somewhere far away. That feeling persisted until I was about eight years old.

    3. I always felt that I was older than other children my age, had no interest in normal childish/adolescent behavior, and always felt that I had already lived a whole life and had seen it all before.

    4. Before I could even write I knew I "was" a writer. I just knew that. I was so anxious to learn to read and write that I actually cried in frustration, it was agonizing, I just had to learn reading/writing as soon as possible. It was an all consuming compulsion, I couldn't wait. As soon as I learned to read I became a compulsive reader, the first novel I read, age 7, was Moby Dick; as soon as I could write a whole sentence I started writing stories.

    5. The instant I came into contact with something from India I felt drawn to everything Indian. As a kid, I made my mom take me to see movies like Gandhi and A Passage to India. I read all the Rudyard Kipling books about India (that's what was available). Indian music has always sounded "right" to me, a strong feeling of "that is what music is supposed to sound like". I'm an atheist but I'm very drawn to Hindu religion, I've been studying it since I was a teenager, and although my rational mind rejects it, I feel deeply moved and attracted by it, and a deeply nostalgic feeling about it. When I read things like Mahabharata and Ramayana I have an incredibly strong feeling that my mother told me those stories as a child (my mother never did), it's almost a memory of a mother lovingly reading or telling me those stories.

    That's it! Any thoughts?
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    Welcome Vincent

    That sounds like there are definately strong past life influences
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    Hi Vincent,

    Welcome to the forum

    Interesting stories. Are you planning a next step: diving into a possible past life?
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    These could very well be signs of a past life. As a young child about 5 years old I would mention about a peaceful forest. It was confirmed almost a year ago through past life regression I had a past life as a young woman happily walking through a forest. I wasnt able to remember much of it though.

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