Paying for something from a PL?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by LisaR, Jun 8, 2019.

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    Hi, Kalos:

    I don't want to open any discussion here - it might go against some rules of this forum. It has only been an outline of some aspects of the re-incarnation that REALLY look contradictory to me and it bothers me. I'm not in a position to discuss anything: my PLs memories archives are very scarce. I intended to get answers, not to discuss. Well, at least I've given it a try. I know I should search the answers myself. To leave it off as a bad job and fall back onto materialism would be too easy, and unsatisfactory.

    No offence meant.

    Wish you all the best, pal.
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    I admire the fact you are so aware and compassionate towards animals in general and their connection to us as soul. It shows you have soul awareness that all life is inner connected as one spirit. Ancient people had this kind of wisdom and some still do today. I remember when I saw the movie avatar and how the Navie a humanoid species indigenous to Pandora gave thanks and reverence when they needed to kill an animal for food and survival. This is what I am speaking about in regards to meat eating or even eating plants for that matter. Every soul plays their part in the grand tapestry we call life while here in this physical dimension. Even when we die our physical bodies goes back to the earth to feed and replenish other life forms once soul is done with the physical body by withdrawing inwardly taking with it all its experiences it had while on the earth plane and goes inward centering consciousness now in the astral form to start our afterlife on that plane of reality for a time.

    Everything is in perfect harmony and balance. God left no detail out of the divine plan when it comes to souls education in the lower worlds of duality.

    As far as other PL's we all have been on both sides of duality in many roles in this school we call the earth. And our earth is one of countless other planets and star systems across the cosmos playing out other realities that we could not even conceive of as human beings. I remembered when I had my NDE many years ago I had life my body and I was looking down at the earth watching the sun rise on the other side of the globe. I was looking down at the earth and realized how beautiful it truly was against the blackness of space. Below me were billions of other souls all playing our their life drama's as I could feel them all as if I and them were one. As I looked beyond the earth out into space I could see countless other galaxies and star systems. Local groups and clusters of other galaxies as far as the eye could see and somehow I knew that the cosmos was filled with life everywhere. So vast and numerous that I could not even comprehend it all in my mind as I knew that what I was looking at was just this physical dimension. There were countless other higher dimensions within me and everyone else that was not even realized yet by my conscious mind. And yet everything, everyone and every moment made senses to me for the first time for I knew I had lived before as does everyone else. Death was an illusion of the mind. All I could do that at that very moment was cry and cry and cry, as if my heart would explode out of pure joy, bliss and happiness knowing all this. Then I hear these words in my mind saying ( how great thou art! ) At that point the light appeared and before I could merge and become one with it a hand appeared out of the light and gently touch my heart and push me back saying not now. I was flung backwards going down into the tunnel. As I was doing down the light became smaller and fainter until it was pure blackness and I felt the tunnel becoming more narrower and narrower until I felt I was nothing more then a small pin point or speck no bigger then an atom and with a thud!!! I was back in the body again. That experience forever changed me. Before the NDE I never believed in PL. Now I don't have any doubt now.

    And this is why I have my handle name.

    Love and peace to you LisaR.

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    I've been thinking about the best way to add my two cents... I think I have it..

    I know of two people who are currently 'repaying' what they did in their PL. One is 'repaying' a serious karmic lesson back ( well make that two) and the other person is currently 'repaying' things back in other ways. They both did quite unfair things in their PL's.

    I think it all depends on how you look upon what you did. Some say at the time that they do not feel guilty, but upon reflection can see the bigger picture and change their opinion of what they did. Others just feel that what they did to the other person/animal/object deserved it and feel nothing. Either way, it is important to remember that whether you believe in karmic repayment or not, it is the lesson of opposites and whatever we do to someone or something will come around to our own experiences of that particular behaviour. We all have to learn both sides of the lesson, both the good and the not so nice.

    Eva x

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