Possible past life memories from life in the US

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    Hi, just gonna "plant" my story here for others to read. Maybe it will help someone else, which would make me happy.

    When I was a young kid I use to have a terrifying nightmare, about being a woman and a man killing me. It went away when I was about 7 years of age. My family members could tell it was THE nightmare above all, it was that different and that horrendious, I was so different, they said.

    During my young years we went for a long trip to the US ( we are not from the USA ). Once there I recognized myself in 2 cities. The other cities we visited did not give me the same feeling. Then the sudden flashes of memories came to the surface. My family, and I so far, was not believers of any church, religion, and reincarnation was soo not something I knew about. I stood in some street corner, drinking as much water as I could, trying to blame my visions on being dried out and having walked too much. In my flashes of memories I was a grown up woman. I thought "What is this grandma style". Things looked like everything from the 40's-60's.

    The flashes of memories were mostly very short and impossible to sort out. ( It has taken me more than half my life to understand the order to the things that happened ). I thought this gotta stop when I get back home and get back to school. But it did not. It continued to just come when it felt like and go away when it felt like. I had no control.

    Then one day a trigger came in shape of a young man who showed interest in me and he was pursuing as well, to my disadvantage because he apparently reminded "her" of her estranged husband. Most of my memories are from this period, the years their marriage lasted, but also after because he was always a part of her life, one way or another.

    I have realized that most of my flashes of memories are filled with emotions. That is perhaps why I remember them. With the estranged husband I could tell he really wanted to be married, he wanted to be a family man. He wanted to do everything right. But he came from the tough streets, had transformed and wore nice clothes and was successful, but when getting angry he became a street-boy. She had grown up without violence in the home, but I think he had grown up the opposite. First time he slapped her once was when their baby was tiny. The other time was several years later when she had left home during a bad fight. He did not know where she was. She called the next day and he told her to come home. When she did he slapped her and she contacted a lawyer to get a divorce. Somewhere down the line he pursued her to give themselves another chance. I could see this pattern and that they clearly needed help. She became depressed and they went to a psychiatrist in New York. She was all confused about him. He could be so wonderful and everyone thought he loved her very much, but then there was that temper of his and his violent streak. I could tell that he never saw it as if he beat his wife, he did not think that was violence to give her a slap. In their fights she realized he wanted her to feel fear. He made crazy threats. Then after, it was as if he actually thought she would be able to turn his fear off, but I could tell she was aware and she was tense. There was one time when she had come to the end of her line and took up the subject of them splitting up for good. They were both teary eyed, and then he walked out of the room.

    If I should try to analyze her love life I would say she had a bad boy / father figure type, why I can't say. It was further complicated because she had a terrible experience when she was young and later on her heart was broken over the love of her life. She tried to pick up the pieces and move on, but in the long run she could not do it.

    Close to her death she was dating someone who was a doctor, her doctor. People had told her to give love a new chance and she tried to be patient but she knew herself too well at this point. Her experiences in the past had marked her. She had pain in her body and needed to sleep; to get something prescribed to her. I could tell due to the bad things that had happened in the past that she sometimes got so nervous, riled up that she couldn't sleep but she had seek and gotten treatment for this long before.

    I could tell that in her recent pass she had gotten nervous because her ex husband had told her he still loved her and that he wanted them to try again and they could take it in her pace. She felt she had no other choice but to reject him, and I could tell she was still a little bit afraid of him, but he was alright about it, at least this was how he portrait himself at the time.

    I remember that she did not wish to be alone with the doctor, her boyfriend and a neighbour lady was there. Only she left. They started to argue and one thing led to another and he killed her. I could feel how she died, how it felt, and him not having any regrets, not helping her, but watching her die.

    The reason I think he did this was because he was angry with her for telling him to leave, and her saying she did not love him. He was jealous of her ex husband and questioned his importance in her life. So anger and jealousy would have been the motives.

    She was way to young to die then.

    I have memories of her visiting her loved ones and the former husband and even one time remembering her worrying about one of her children, and coming, as a spirit, to her sleeping ex husbands bed side, trying to communicate to him that he must be alarmed, he must help his child. I could see that next to him was a blond woman asleep.

    I have many more flashes or memories than these above. In the next field I will try to tell of the research I found in a neutral way without slipping through my emotions or thoughts.

    Thanks for reading this ! : )

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