possible PL memories over the course of a year.

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    Hello guys, I am relatively new to this site. I normally discuss this on an Amino group, but individuals on this site seem more knowledgable and I would like to share my experiences here. On Amino, we're all kind of confused/learning, people on here genuinely seemed experienced (unlike me!)

    Please forgive me for this long post, and if you read the whole thing, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!! The main reason I am posting this is because I am having trouble determining what is real and what my mind is making up. I will try to keep this post as organized and easy to read as possible.

    A year ago, I posted on here ( I since deleted it, haven't posted since) about how I could have been a holocaust victim in a PL, this was my FIRST gut feeling about anything and i had nothing else to back it up really.But that moment it got me wondering about weird childhood quirks that I had. What made me think of these is when I was trying to fully put the pieces together, if that makes sense. Anyway, when I was a kid like 2-4 years old, i had really bad anxiety and everything scared me, but I felt trapped inside like I couldn't speak. I remember I would sit on my living steps and watch the door scared someone would break in, and lay in bed during naps scared bugs were crawling on me. Physically, I was in poor health too. My skin was so horrible, it would crack and bleed and I had bad epilepsy. I still have all these issues, just not so severely.

    I have done PL regressions, I admit I am not good at them. When I do these, I always see grassy, hilly terrain and a cattle car/train tracks in the distance. I sense I am under a tree. After this, things went on a stand still, I just researched a bit more, but recently things have been progressing again.

    4/28/19- Before I went to bed I asked my Spirit guides to show me a PL death (if they wanted)..The dream I had is about a dead, dirty, exhausted woman. She had very short hair, patchy and bald in some spots, but matted despite the shortness in others. She was laying on the ground on a pile of wood. It almost looked as though her bunk collapsed under her, she was dead and naked. In this dream it felt as though I was a soul hovering over my own body, but it wasn't just me there. There was another soul/bundle of energy ( I don't know what else to call it). I heard a voice say "this part of (my potential pl name) does this & the other does this.." it was really fast and we were spinning in a circle. We looked like 2 spirals. There was a rushing sensation.

    4/29/19- I asked for clarity about the 2 souls, if the WAS me in a PL, what it further symbolized.....The dream was dark, and not vivid. instead of seeing in my dreams in just had a constant feeling of dread/anxiety. This felt like all night but I woke up an hour later. Another point in the night, I had flashback of the dream from 4/28. I heard an internal voice in my head yelling over and over again "wood! wood! they were wooden bunks!"

    4/31 - i had a dream about my potential PL self and person she was with standing naked and being separated from a family member, put on a train. The person my potential PL self was standing with didn't open her mouth to speak, but I sensed her internal thoughts to her family member was to not worry about me and her, but to worry about herself.

    I have had other dreams that I never wrote or dated because I never thought twice that this could be my PL self. I also just intuitively knew stuff about this person, just had gut feelings then found out they were true through research.

    I feel like it is important to note that each time I have these dreams, I am seeing from a birds eye view. Almost like I was a spirit guide or something. Especially when we started spinning in the 4/28 dream. It made me wonder what if this was like a twin flame dream, but were just not incarnated at the same time?

    To confirm my suspicions, I asked my guides to have me dream of some names, I dream of my PL selfs name, which is also the one i heard in the 4/28 dream. I dream I am reading about it in books, i see her photo with her name captioned etc. Now what if were not incarnated at the same time again and she is my guide this whole time. Meaning my spirit guides PL is my PL (since we're essentially the same soul) also and this is why my guide has been showing me this ...can you guys tell how confused I am?

    Part of me feels like all the signs are there, this was me in a PL, my guides are slapping me in the face with dreams, but then I think about it more and more and start to wonder again. It just becomes a messy, tangled sticky web of connecting the dots. I don't know if this is real or if I am doubting myself. I know no one can answer this except me, but I guess I'll ask this:
    Is this enough evidence? At what point in trying to learn your soul do you consider to be enough?

    I would also like to restate that I know this was a long post and thank you for your patience to those who read it!!
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    From another fellow Holocaust Victim ( I witnessed a liberation but died soon afterwards :() welcome! :)

    Because I was mostly ‘protected’ for my life in the Holocaust, I had to learn in this lifetime how it felt to have the Gestapo pound on the door so I learned the lesson via Domestic Violence in the home. It was a VERY rough lesson.

    Interesting you mention the fact that you were afraid of bugs crawling over you in bed, because in some (if not all) camps — filth was rife. I have my own memories of the same very thing (which are difficult to talk about, but I need to remember that they cannot hurt me anymore :oops: ) except mine were that I was ‘left to die’ by the SS guards in the camps infirmary because I was too ill with my third bout of typhus to go on a death march. I even felt the coarseness of the blanket, and I could feel myself laying in my own filth.

    Do you feel that perhaps you were left in a infirmary or just the fact that you are remembering the state of the barracks? How do you feel in wooden huts?
    Persecuted Jews, Roma and Sinai and other ‘undesirables’ were sent east via bare carriages and Cattle car trains. These were ‘borrowed’ from the Reichsbahn and during the winter, they often froze to the seats from the cold or otherwise. Where do you “think” this could be? Most camps were in Poland and Germany with some in other places.

    I remember my own journey in a cattle car from Ghetto Riga to Auschwitz-Birkenau. It’s why I can’t stand the touch of hay now.

    There were what was called ‘Delousing Stations’. I must admit, I have not researched them too much, but if I recall right it was mostly where as I put it “degraded you further so you truly entered with nothing”.

    Do you know if any of these family members survived? If they did, then perhaps they registered your PL self with Yad Vashem’s Victim’s and Survivors Database? I tried searching there for myself but I was told that my daughter did not think of doing that at the time ( she was 15-16 by the end of the war and 11/12 when both me and her father were taken from her in 1942) Had you tried looking there?

    PM me on this. I have some knowledge with this. :)

    Yup, it usually is at the beginning. I liken it to my Spirit Guides throwing grenades in my mind and then waiting for them to explode and I pick up the pieces (the fragmented memories).

    Ask your guides to show you these memories again and see if you can notice any other things that are different. I’ve had memories shown to me more than once and I’ve noted different things every time.

    The doubt comes from your conscious mind. It makes you “think” you are doubting yourself or your abilities. Give the fear and doubt unconditional love and do not allow it power over you.

    Oy vey. I just realised this post is ever so long too so forgive me. :oops:

    Eva x
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    Hi Shaina,

    Welcome back!

    I read your story with interest. It's not an easy path to remember the concentration camps in WWII. I think you saw those scenes from a birds-eye point of view to keep some distance from the emotions. You get your information but you don't merge with your former self because probably that would be too much to process at this moment. That's ok. It's not a 'rule' that you have to relive all the ugly stuff from the past. In my own experience, I switch all the time within regressions. One second I am looking through my 'old eyes' and next moment I watch my old persona from a distance. I switch back and forth all the time.

    I think you still have an interesting road ahead of you. A road of discovering yourself. I looked at your age, you're 22 now. Some dots will only be connected to overtime during your life. I think honest truth-seekers all experience a lot of confusion from time to time. We see and experience fragments and are not able to see the bigger picture.

    Be careful not to adopt popular belief systems around this subject of twin flames. You might assume you and your twin flame are the same soul but in a much greater perspective, all humans are all the same soul, somehow. This doesn't prohibit some kind of individuality. Also with twin flames. The point is that when two souls commit to each other to experience Life from complementary perspectives, you cannot confuse their experiences as being your own because their experiences are all that you are not. What these souls do, in my experience, is share the outcome of experiences (some call it lessons). Somewhere on a Higher Plane, they compare notes, exchange conclusions. (So I agree that some kind of confusion is still possible).

    Never. This is an endless game. There always will be the next level. You are not only the one you are today. Your entire Soul is so rich and complex and multi-layered. And if you are a firm believer in twin flames, prepare yourself to meet your mirror image one day. This process of meeting each other will pull issues from the dungeons of your heart to the open. Things you didn't even know that were buried inside of you.

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