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    I know this is a couple months old and you may have found a resolution but attacking her back is only feeding the negative vibrations. Spiritually protect yourself by sending HER attacks back, putting barriers up (surrounding yourself with white light) and closing your energy field also ask light beings (guides/angels/whoever) for protection. Habouring anger, resentment or any low energy feelings and thoughts will continue to feed the vibrations but hopefully you will find peace within the situation, forgive your mother, thank the angels for the lesson and the only one your mother will be attacking is herself. We make our agreements for a reason, sometimes we can't understand why we would put ourselves through cruel situations but maybe you came back as your tormentors child to teach her love or for you to learn forgiveness. My father murdered my mother in a past life and in another she was his mother. Doesn't make any sense but we signed up for it lol.
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    Hi Carter, sorry it took me a while to answer. I just wanted to say that I've been controlling myself and keeping a positive attitude, if not towards her at least towards everyone else and myself. No more proper 'psychic attacks' from me, just a bit of random anger and such. Well, I must admit that I'm fine now, for the moment. I'm doing anything I can to get out of this crappy situation, lots of rebuilding on my side, still "work in progress" but I keep my hopes up.
    She went on with the attacks, even life-threatening attacks. One of those bounced back and instead killing my aunt, it had tremendous consequences on my "father", also ruining my "mother"'s summer. Basically my aunt felt a strong attack to her lower back, but didn't react to it, simply put her faith in God and let go. A few days later my "father" fell and broke his spine in the exact same point. I guess that was an unexpected outcome for that evil witch. She's been attacking us all the same, but we realized that if we just put our faith in God it really does bounce back.
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