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    Hi !

    Lately I have watched on Youtube channel a lady who aired when she was channeling a certain celebrity who died ages ago.

    The reason I watched this is that well, in what could possibly have been my past life I knew that particular celebrity ... ( no need to believe me )

    As the lady went along to tell her audience what she thought he communicated to her I sat there in dumb silence and thought to myself that this can't be right... there were a lot of errors from the celebrities life, but they fitted into the description of a past life that I remember before the life began ( when I later got to know the celebrity ). She was describing two geographically speaking areas and the difference in that life; that started out in a rich environment, houses etc and then later in life was describing the area that I have had memories of, more poor and geographically too.

    This celebrity has reminded me in some ways as someone in that past life where I moved about in the geographically speaking areas that she described. And I did so with someone who, in my opinion, looked like and sometimes behaved like the celebrity but can't be sure it is the same spirit.

    Could she unintentionally be speaking of the celebrities past life - before he was to live the life as a celebrity ?

    How does this channeling work ? Is it difficult to tell different past lives apart ? Are they all mixed up like I felt they were when she was describing things ? She thought she was speaking of the celebrities life, not his past life.

    I chose not to add the video here because maybe she will be offended by it, and that is not my intention.

    She has posted her video after I have had my experiences of remembering this past life and the geographic areas, the rich and the poor, and the person who reminded me of the celebrity. so I could not have picked this up unintentionally and then had my visions.

    Generally speaking I just wonder if anyone here has channeled or know more about this, and if it is easy to confuse one past life for another ?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this : )

    / Jaimie
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    Hi Jaimie,

    Everybody has their own opinions on "channeling". However, without meaning to pour water on anyone else, I will comment that I have a very low opinion of the process and of its accuracy.

    That doesn't mean that it is always wrong, sometimes very good info is obtained. However, I like to know with a very high degree of certainty "who" is on the other end of the line. Most people who "channel" think they know. They claim to deal with a known reliable spirit who gives them information, or to be directly in contact with the spirit of an actual deceased person or high spirit of some type. However, that is what is "presented" to them and how a discarnate entity represents itself to them. Some groups, such as those associated with Spiritism seek to deal with only the "highest" and most reliable spirits. But I don't think there is any foolproof solution to the identity and reliability problems associated with channeling, automatic writing, Quija Boards, etc. etc.

    I may be a bit negative, but that is the way I see it. Messages from your own PERSONAL "guardian angel(s)" or "guides" are one thing. They have an assigned duty and they're trying to look out for you. (If you are sure that is who you are dealing with). Likewise, people occasionally get a visit from a loved one or other spirit that they PERSONALLY know and recognize from this life or a prior life.

    However, the wisdom of the past as well as the experience of many over the years is against talking to "strangers" or taking the word of "strangers" (no matter who they represent themselves to be) on anything important. This applies to the disembodied as well as the embodied IMO. Plus, everything I have read over the years indicates that the near-earth invisible realm has a high percentage of con-artists and baddies of one type or another.

    Anyhow, just my 2 cents, you'll have to make up your own mind. But it doesn't sound like this lady made a very convincing case.

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    Hi, S & S ! Thank you for your thoughts . Yes, this channeling thing is new to me. What surprised me too, beside from the errors, when watching it is the lack of emotion involved. Again, this is not to insult anyone. She just sits there like she is talking to some stranger next to her on the bus. Like it's nothing.

    I have seen psychic, sensitive ( even had a friend who was one, the one that told me about reincarnation and I was like, first, "no way" ) and when they got in contact they were effected by it, one could see it in their faces, eyes, even if they just walked around, tried to catch their breath and find words to express what they saw/felt/knew. My friend would not even be capable of doing that. She would just sit down somewhere, she would be in a totally different world til it ended for her, and then she came back, sometimes she was in a hurry to explain things when she was still there, but she was like cut off from me when she was in these "moods".

    If I understand this right, their own personality, feelings is at a low functioning bar whilst the other person on the other side or a situation that has once existed and so on - is effecting the psychic with their emotions, images, knowledge, and it is happening simultaneously, at a different speed than what we humans are used to, almost like they are taking over. This has to be a lot to take in.

    I agree with a lot that you have written, it makes sense, even if that is relatively new to me too, thank you for sharing : )

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