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Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Gabriel Michael, May 18, 2018.

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    Hey guys! I'm a new person here, just joined today to finally ask about my personal experiences throughout my life so far. I do hope I placed this in the right thread, and if I didn't I do apologise. I will try my best to explain my experiences, I hope you guys can bear with me.

    I'm only 16 year old, and I've always felt like I didn't belong to my age group, or as if my mindset was older than my actual age. Now, of course, that can be just a common trait to some people, but let me add on to that. I've always had a strong 'connection' or emotion towards certain things. Not towards a culture or person. I'll try my best to explain here and I do hope that I get it across.

    For an example, say I watch a movie. This movie happens to have fighting scenes in it etc, medieval war or whatever. Now, you know how when you know something is about to go down? Like the leader gives this speech to his comrades, then the music starts to build-up. Or even when I watch and listen to a music video, and it has that build-up motivating kind of feel. The song from The Greatest Showman "This Is Me" is an example. Maybe you guys have seen it maybe not, but the music video gives the feel of 'don't give up' if that makes sense. Even when I watch sport cartoons, where the team refuses to give up and they keep giving it their all. The captain screams his lungs out, everyone has that adrenaline. It gives me the same feeling.

    I hope I explained it enough. Basically what all of these examples have in common is that feeling of energy, adrenaline, 'fight til the end' type of feel. Every time I watch or listen to these type of things, I get goosebumps and my eyes start to heat up and tears just build up in me. My chest just tightens and starts beating. I have a strong connection towards this feeling, and from a personal perspective, it makes me think that I was a warrior of some sort from a past life. I hope that I don't sound like a typical 16 year old with childish thoughts to you guys, but I'm just trying to explain it to the best of my vocabularies lol

    Another weird thing I've encountered throughout my entire life is this distinct smell that I can only vaguely explain. Even when I was kid, up til now, there's this smell that would just randomly enter my nose every now and then. Whether it be every few months, maybe even a year or two, there is always that smell that would just suddenly climb its way up my nose. If I were to try and explain how it smells like, I can most definitely say that it's something that people can't just smell anywhere. It has a specific aroma to it, like strong but pleasing at the same time. If I were to word something that I can closely relate it to, I'd pick incense. An incense that has a strong smell to it, but not to the point where you hate it that you cover your nose. The more you sniff it in, the stronger it gets but it becomes evermore pleasing. Yes, I am very sure that this is not my body odor or my fart, I doubt I would want to sniff those in lol. Also, whether it be at school, at home, some place outdoor, anywhere really, I can smell that aroma anytime and anywhere.

    I wanted to hear what you guys think about this, or maybe it's just something other than a past life. I hope I got my point across to you guys and again I'm new here, I just wanted to share my experiences. Hope you guys have a good day!
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    Hi Gabriel,
    About your age: when I was 16 years old I was the same adult as I am now. The same ways of thinking, only less experience. I always take young people serious (as long as they are serious too, haha).
    I think it might be a past life memory. The moment of (violent) death is usually the strongest memory. I know this kind of feeling like you describe but in my case I cannot link it to a certain past life.
    About the smell: there are more possibilities. I don't think this is linked to a past life. Usually people smell something because of some contact with spirits. In other cases it can be a case of 'telepathy' (not the correct word) with someone alive. Someone you are connected to, is smelling this and you smell the same.
    If you want to dicover more, you should start journaling. Write down when (date) it happens, under what kind of circumstances and so forth.
    One day these data might be important to understand what happens to you.
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    Welcome Gabriel,

    You're on the right track. Pay close attention to your feelings, your emotions and your senses. And follow fireflydancings advise about the journal. Another thing you can do is ask questions before you meditate or go to bed. No questions, no answers and our subconscious mind will take us where we need to go (be). Feel free to share here and ask as many questions as you would like. We have some great members, and moderators who have been here a long time and researching just as long. Good luck and again welcome.
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    Sounds like you fought in a historical war to me.

    The smell you describe could be gunpowder. Not exactly like incense, but close enough. The first firearms and cannons appeared in the mid to late 14th century, but it is also possible that your military past life was not a medieval one, but took part during the 30-years-war or so.
    Definitely makes sense.

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