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    Nov 7, 2017
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    So I’ve been interested in past lives for awhile and I came to a realization. I’m happy in this life I’m close to my family the only thing that sucks is my health. So why am I trying to search for something that’s gone? Has anyone else ever thought about it? I wouldn’t trade my family for anything. I think the search for my past life is more to help with my severe anxiety I’ve had since I was a kid about dying, and the hope for a life outside of hospitals.
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    Good question.
    It depends on what you are looking for.
    To me, the most important thing is the psychological aspect of reincarnation. I want to understand my relationships with the people around me and I want to understand myself. Why do I react the way I do in the present?
    I am never sure about my memories or my visions. Not the doubt about seeing them or remembering them, but the doubt about the interpretation. I always consider the possibility of me being a 'lunatic' with a vivid imagination, but as long as I benefit from the process, I think it is ok. Over the years I lost anxieties by understanding memories about past lives and although it is pure fun to search for confirmation of those lives, it's just secondary to understanding them.
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    In my case, at first I was intrigued about the possibility of past life regression. After a few satisfactory episodes, once my curiosity was satisfied, I started to look for other uses of the methodology, and I found out that I can also ask questions and get insightful answers.
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    I have known people who have had situations like that. You're right dear one, the search seems to be, from what you've spoke to me of, a way to cope with your anxiety about dying and wanting a better life outside hospitals.i think you are right and it is important to focus on your family now. Because i know it's best to rather spend time with these people while you still can then focus on searching for a life you seem to not have had. Its best to focus on the love around you and not a love you're looking for that didn't occur because it's only wasting your your precious time you have left and only bringing sadness. You're very smart to have realized this my dear girl. And I and my family will pray every day for you!

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