Reconciling non-physical models

Discussion in 'Reincarnation, Religion and Spirituality' started by baro-san, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I wonder if anybody has an opinion about reconciling the non-physical model described by Monroe, Kepple, Moen, and others, which describes focus levels, belief territories, and especially retrievals, with the model described by Newton, Weiss, Goldberg, and others, which describes a more direct transition into afterlife, with elder councils, and a more educationally structured environment.

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    I guess that we are all blinded by our experiences and desire for the stability of the reality that we construct from our understanding of them, but I have a hard time with simultaneous-lives, of no time at all, everything at once. I see this as an off-shoot of the concept of multiple-realities carried one step further. It would make the concept of karma a non-starter and up-end all thought of basing increased knowledge/experience toward "growth". Since these concepts have been with me so long, it is difficult to cast all of that aside. I can not cast aside Sequence so easily, birth comes Before old-age, pain comes After I smash my fingers. Since there are many reports of there not being much difference between existence on "this side" and on "their side" other than Time and Matter/Density/Vibration and considering their experience of being able to go anywhere in all-of-time, for them it would indeed seem as if everything was happening all-at-once which would lead to their reporting this concept since it would be a fit with their experience to form that "reality" to them - but that is simply my take on it.

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