Recurring scenes -- should one go further ?

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    In dreams right before I tore out of there and when I tried past life regression meditation I have 2 scenes that like to re play themselves. Because I don't want to go somewhere that I can't handle pain wise I have stayed out of it. It keeps coming back. Is this a sign I should stay in the scenes ? Has any one else had this ? What is the best thing to do ? I would truly appreciate your expertise.

    One is basically from a life in the 1950's when ex boyfriend, somewhat drunk, shows up at the doorsteps and wants me to go with him. My parent is the one opening the door and refuses to have me go with him, my parent say that they will call the police and his boss' . When my parent got riled up there would be no stopping the words from coming out. As I stood behind I could see the ex reaching out his hand to me, looking at me, and at the same time he hits the front door with his fist one time. That is when I wake up or tear out.

    The other one is a bit of a mystery. It is about me spotting a closed horse carriage. From the look of it it is of a fine design, belonging to someone in an upper class society. It is parked on the street. I have a feeling it is close by where I live. The sight of it is a cold shower. I suspect it is my estranged husband in it, or someone he has sent, or perhaps my father -- but it leans more towards it being the estranged husband in it, why i don't know, maybe I recognized it. Then I wake up or tear up. I think this is my life from the 1870-80-90's. From my memory it was a bad marriage. I think I might have started to live my own life again, separated from my husband, but there it is -- the carriage, on my safe street. Something about to happen.

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