Recurring visions from traumatic past life death

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by Xiv, Mar 5, 2018.

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    I have recurring dreams and visions of living in a rural east asian village. I was a young man of mid 20s something and from a poor family. I fell in love with a middle class young woman and she became pregnant with our child. Her paternal family hunted me down and killed me for bringing disgrace to their family. I have had this dream for many times but now that I am married and have a son my dreams have changed to some kind of urgent warnings from an old man from that life who always sought to protect me - my wifes paternal grandpa. When i realised that this man was the same guy i saw in my dreams even before marrying her i was overwhelmed and still am. Last night he came in my dream, took my hand and told me i needed to flea this time or else "they" would kill me. I am confused. What does all this mean?
    I am not a religious person and i didnt believe in reincarnations until i saw evidences in present life. Please help me unfold the possible meanings of this.
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    It could be several reasons, a warning dream in which the spirit world warns you for something that's about to happen (I highly doubt that's the case in this life, you and your inlaws have a good relationship?)
    It could also be that your gramps-in-law is still stuck in that life and he has yet to accept and deal with his guilt and trauma (possibly for not warning you back then)

    You don't need to be religious, some religions don't even believe in reincarnation and declare you cuckoo, as do many in the western world where you either believe because you have memories or because you stem from a background (Native American, like myself, budism etc) or have paranormal abilities
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    No, I don't think you have to be worried. You are now under the same circumstances as before. You died with trauma and those energies bottled up and traveled with you. Because of the parallels, your inner alarm bell goes off.
    I am just curious: did you marry the same woman again? That would explain a lot. Now this time you can make fresh start. Good Luck!

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