Reincarnation and soul growth

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Grel, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Allo.. I have been bandying about a funny subject about reincarnation and soul growth. I am wondering if reincarnation is a method for a soul to grow up, so to speak, much like a human lifespan?
    Just a thought. Any input on this subject?
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    That's what I hope for, at least.
    If we are here for learning/growing, then all the suffering on this planet would make a bit of sense, at least.

    Do you know these idle/incremental games where you collect things, then reset and start all over, but every time you start a little stronger? Maybe it is like that (just with being "wiser" instead of "stronger", dunno.

    History seems to be a bit like a spiral.
    A spiral looks like a zigzag thing going upwards or like a circle, depending from where you look at it.
    As there sometimes seems to be backwards development, I wonder how some 4th dimension spiral would look like.

    Seems to be the same old things over and over... I only hope there is some "progress". That all this going through the same things over and over, just maybe in different roles, has a purpose.
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