Reincarnation to the beginning of everything?

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    Hi everyone, this happened a little while ago but something was telling me to post about it now.
    About a month ago I was having a bad day and I was going through some relationship stuff so I decided to relax and pop on my favourite past life regression YouTube video.
    I usually go along with the things the guide says and visualise it all in detail. However, sometimes my mind wanders and I just see shapes and colours. This time though everything just went dark for a while, and I saw lots and lots of eyes. The eyes were like as if they had been projected on and were all in blue, not just the iris. Then I started to see swirls and shapes while the background changed to almost like a night sky.
    I felt myself get tingly all over and I could feel like something huge was about to happen. Then suddenly there was this feeling like a big ‘whoosh’ all over my body and I felt locked into the scene I was witnessing. The whole sky turned dark blue, it was beautiful and I felt like I could stare out at it for hours. I realised that I was high up in the sky and looking down at it instead of up and I momentarily felt scared.
    I heard a voice, it wasn’t mine but it came from within, telling me this was the beginning of everything and that I was special. I got kind of freaked out because I didn’t fully understand and I felt weirdly trapped up in the sky. The blue was shining really brightly and I started to feel uncomfortable like I needed to leave.
    I heard the voice of the video almost as if it was faraway and it was almost over as well. I hastily said my goodbyes but something was forcing me to stay, it felt like a genuine pull to stay there longer. I couldn’t though, it frightened me too much, so I quickly opened my eyes as soon as the video had finished.
    Has anyone had a similar experience? Or does anyone know what this means?

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    I think you went through the ethereal matter without having to resource to ayahuaska or any of these psychotropic stuff. It happens when you reach the meditative point. If you are driven through this state by someone who is able to, you can go further into yourself and who knows what it will show.
    I went through some meditative state once, but to reach out my chakras. In the last chackra I was to ask a question. I asked who was I. I was expecting a very sublime answer from the very depths (or from up heigh), but a voice simply replied: You are Isabela. It may sound quite ordinary, but for me that is the ultimate answer.

    But I tell you as of the eyes: my sister got these eyes lookign straight at her after taking ayahuaske (only once she did). Then it came to her that she was very envied, all eyes on her. So just check if you are not also going through this situation of envy. As for being special -- we all are very special as it is! We are here, aren't we? ;)
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