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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by vionine, Nov 14, 2017.

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    So far my past live(s) weren't discovered through dreams.

    4 and 1/2 years ago the love of my life died in a car crash, I felt no choice but to set out to find him in spirit. Our reunion wasn't what I expected. Our past life history wasn't the love stories i expected. I was led to browse thru the lists of 19th century murderers. When I saw Joseph Vacher i recognized his eyes from memories of pictures of myself. Even more uncanny was recognizing by beloved recently deceased boyfriend in the eyes of the woman he was fatally in love with till execution and beyond.

    I have never had any inclinations to hurt others, completely the opposite. Yet as a child I had a very defensive disposition (persecution complex) which really bewildered me. This life's earliest memories go as far back as the crib where i questioned my reason for being and knew it was to grow and be the best person I could be. I recall also feeling this was my first female incarnation in awhile.

    There has been some information in dreams but only recently did i realize it's correlation. Guides have also given me names to other lives but this I'm told is my most recent human incarnation. I had many spontaneous past and present life traumas revealed through clairsentience, reliving energetic trauma memories.

    I'm working on integrating myself, I have carried around an intense sadness of which I could never validate. I'm hoping my past life knowledge and the discovery of disassociation from trauma in this present life will hopefully help.

    In a recent dream I came across two young men laying lifeless and abandoned on the ground I brought them home even though I worried that i might regret it as one in particular had an angry disposition, yet they became these joyful creatively inspired chefs/servers. I've always had a talent in off the cuff creative cooking which i hadn't done as much during these last hard years. These young men lying in the street were representations of my past 2 human incarnations who lived pretty messed up lives, and felt lots of regret and undeserving of love.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Welcome to the forum vionine and thank you for sharing. I had never heard of Joseph Vacher or the murders he committed that terrorized Southern France over a period of four years.

    Your recounting your earliest, this-lifetime, memories predate my own by a year or more yet ring familiar still today.
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    Hi Vionine, welcome to the forum.

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