Social anxiety and past lives?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Rhi38, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Hey I'm new to the forum, but I've always been interested in reincarnation and I've always had questions but never enough money for a psychic or for past life regression therapy (I'm a broke college student lol), so I figured I'd turn to you guys for help!
    I've suffered with social anxiety my whole life, and most of it comes from this weird mindset that I'm always being watched and I'm always being judged, and I'm not quite sure why I've always felt that. Like I can never get a break from society, yknow? I had a good childhood, not too much attention or too little, I'd say it was the right amount, but I could never shake this feeling. I always figured it was something I could snuff with drugs and alcohol (casual drugs like marijuana, I dont do hard stuff lol) but when the effects are over then I go back to my shy and withdrawn self again.
    Could my past life be to blame for this? Could he (ive always felt my closest past life was male) have been given too much harsh and critical attention in his life? I read an article about how famous people sometimes develop social anxiety because of the limelight although I know everyone wishes they were a celebrity in a past life and its doubtful I was lol. I'm sick of feeling this way, although I'm kinda used to it. I'm more sick of hiding behind drugs and alcohol though.
    I feel like if I know for sure that my past life is what's triggered my social anxiety all my life then maybe I could tackle it and fix it, if that makes sense.
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    Hi Rhi38, I think your thoughts definitely make sense. It's very possible that social anxiety is caused by some kind of trauma, it could be a sudden "big" event, or it could be something "subtle" that went on for years, and you didn't even realize. It could be in your current life or it could be in one of your past lives. Certainly therapy (regular or past life related or both) could be a big help, but if you have no way of doing that, then I think it would be great to have a confidant, a friend who knows you really well and is good at listening and reflecting. Even if you don't have anyone you could talk about reincarnation to. I'm saying this, because if it turns out that you're not able to recover the memory of the event that triggered your anxiety, you might still be able to heal some, because the part of our personality that made you react to something with social anxiety, would still be with you, and reflecting on it could change your life to a right direction even if you don't know specifically what made you so anxious.

    This has been my experience at least. I have unpleasant things/traits that my past lives have contributed to, but they are not the sole reason. This life, and my personality at large has also had an effect on my situation, and I find that it would not have been beneficial to myself to think that just one event caused all of it. Yes, I believe it's good to know if a past life triggered something like that, but it's also possible to focus on it too much. Putting all the blame on an event that happened a long time ago, isn't necessarily going to heal you, because everything you've done after that has contributed to your current situation as well and would be a partial reason why you haven't been able to get over that possible trauma that happened to you. And that's why I think it's possible to work on yourself even without remembering.

    This is just personal experience, but maybe it'll give you some ideas. :) I'm afraid I don't have much advice for remembering past lives since they have always come to me without a conscious effort.
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    from my 2 past life experiences I would say this could be past life related, but it could also be something in this life, perhaps something that happened to you during your early years, that could have caused this.

    For me I think I was a woman of mix race back in the 1920's whom my father ( considered white ) had taken to live in "his" world in the US. She tried to pass as white, with mixed results. She married a man who was white too.

    I could feel her shyness, her fear around people, that this at times became too much for her. I could feel her relief when she was back home, in the back garden.

    Next life, in the 1950's, I was seen as a pretty girl and pushed right into show business. Had stage fright. Did not enjoy having people look at me. Would get very nervous. People who just thought I was a pretty one did not understand my reactions, and I could not explain it except I felt danger approaching.

    In this life I have been painfully shy too but it has gotten better with age. I think it has helped to some degree to know my past life struggles with this.

    I hope you will find your answers and feel better about this :)


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