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    Hello! Last time I didn't get anything, but my feet burning and the likes.

    I had taken a mighty step back after realizing I was getting anxious and, honestly desperate to get something. I had increasingly became restless. One of my coworkers told me to stop jumping around and try starting from the beginning. With meeting the master guide and guardian angels, among focusing on connecting with my chakras since she was worried about my well being.

    Well, I took a further step back and have been working on meditating to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions. My attitude has significantly returned to its original patience and kindness. I do the meditation each night as I go to bed.

    Last night, I had the desire to attempt a regression. I chose the guided meditation of which I had tried before, and right after a shower. I already felt relaxed. I did the breathing as instructed, relaxing even more. It started giving suggestions about a path, which I purposely saw dirt and the flowers. My mind wandered, but when it gave the suggestion of a spirit animal, I didn't see one, but I did thought "Where you at, Owl?!" (Same coworker said my spirit animal was an owl). Then came the countdown. During this, I started feeling restless. Yet, I pushed past it, listening to the countdown, once it reached one, my body settled and my muscles did relax. It started giving suggestions again, and I could see an outline of an image. I could feel my eyes trying to see, and I could feel my third eye opening. It was like a pinch and a pressure. I honestly felt reassured by it. The image was only an outline, It looked like a shop, as I saw several lines. It wasn't outside. I suddenly had a flash of an outline of an owl inbetween two beams of pillars, it was a shape and an outline. It was pale, but definite. Right after, the outline faded and a pale, yet deep teal replaced it. It looked fragmented, like a crystal that is teal. It was really pretty. Once that faded, I stopped and open my eyes to my black room and felt slightly disoriented.

    I heard the guide word for word. I felt aware. Too aware, perhaps.

    This is the first time I had felt the desire to attempt it in two months. I am now back to not having that desire, so when I do, I will try it again.

    I wonder if what I saw was an aura, as well as a wall of protection? This is the furthest I have gotten. Usually I can't last through the hypnosis for more than 20 minutes, I made it to 38. I feel so calm. But happy.

    So, perhaps next time, I will get something more definite. :)
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