Someone's Karmatic depts effect the others?

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by shabnam, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Nov 16, 2018
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    Yes! We have to learn in lifetime, and pay our karmatic depts; but sometimes a family member or a very close friend suffer because of a problem in his life; and "you can't do anything" for him.
    But you suffer because of him. The closer he is, the more you suffer.

    I give you an example: I have a good situation in work and life with good luck. My husband have lost his job and lots of bad things happened in this year for him.
    I donate, I pray, I try to death to have a good life; and my husband try double as me!

    If this is "his" test, "his" dept ... why I have to suffer because of him.

    And second question: can I do anything to neutralize some one else karma which has direct effect on my life? Like praying?

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    If we have corrections assigned to us, we are supposed to correct ourselves. Next time here, that will be a settled issue, and maybe we move on to the next which hasn't been addressed.
    I am into therapy to check the flaws which anguish me. I didn't go for therapy because of past life issues (as past life stuff often doesn't show up to everyone...). But I guess this is a way we can deal with any issue -- from this life and from the others before.
    If you are going through troubles, or the people you care about, I would recommend some therapy. Any serious therapy that may bring out the issues.
    Good luck!
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    Well, you suffer because you love him so much and you are connected in spirit, that is at least what I think.

    Also perhaps you feel the other person's feelings and opinions, if that is easily taking over, think it is what they call an Empath?

    The thing is you have to learn not to "drown" with him, but be cold and strong enough to get him more "pulled" up from the dangerous dark waters, and for that your walls need to come up, this is hard too but if you try to distance yourself, take to exercise and/or doing something fun you like will focus your brain later on as you return to the situation, in this case your husband's situation? You can't pull him up, he has to do that himself but you just trying to be there for him is what really counts.

    Hope everything works out
    /Li La
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    Read the book called Attached. You two are one unit. He runs your biological system and you run his. So if he is in misery you will feel the pain.

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