Someone's Karmatic depts effect the others?

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by shabnam, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Nov 16, 2018
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    Yes! We have to learn in lifetime, and pay our karmatic depts; but sometimes a family member or a very close friend suffer because of a problem in his life; and "you can't do anything" for him.
    But you suffer because of him. The closer he is, the more you suffer.

    I give you an example: I have a good situation in work and life with good luck. My husband have lost his job and lots of bad things happened in this year for him.
    I donate, I pray, I try to death to have a good life; and my husband try double as me!

    If this is "his" test, "his" dept ... why I have to suffer because of him.

    And second question: can I do anything to neutralize some one else karma which has direct effect on my life? Like praying?


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