Son's memories of tiny wasp-like "angels"

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    When my son was 5 he fell off a climber at school in Junior Kindergarten and broke his clavicle. He had a very high pain thresh-hold and only cried for a short time. His teacher made aware but did not call me. When he arrived home after school he matter-of-factly told me he broke his shoulder. I was doubtful but checked him over. I asked him to re-count the experience and he told me he had been playing and fell from very high to the ground. I asked him if he was scared and he replied he was a little but the angels came to make sure he was ok. I asked him about the angels without prying too much - he attended a Catholic school and I thought maybe the statues confused him and his concepts of angels and he told me he could call them Angels but they didn't look like angels they looked more like wasps. I asked him what they did and he said they just stood around waiting to see what everyone would do and then he didn't see them anymore. Took him to the hospital where the Triage nurse doubted he had a fracture but the x-rays confirmed the break in the clavicle. He was later diagnosed at age 10 with ADHD and I read a number of books including " The Indigo Child" and asked him again about the seeing the angels and again re-told the story but he acted as though I was foolish for asking. I again re-asked when he was 15 and he has never denied what he saw or his experience. He's 26 today, is isolated at times - an online gamer - and had night terrors and also sleep-walked at times throughout his childhood.. He has very rarely slept through any night and was frequently up for drinks or to eat. He has a younger brother ( by 5 years) who is nothing like him personality wise and is very social and happy-go-lucky.
    Has anyone ever heard a child describe seeing angels when they've been injured - or described angels as looking like giant wasps or insects?
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    I'm somewhat in the same boat, when I was a kid, around six, eight, I saw solid shadows with red eyes and glowing white mouths, in the shape of a wolf or a large cat, something like that. They were on all fours.
    They wouldn't approach me, just sit and watch, or pace around silently, climb the furniture, then disappear again.

    I wasn't particularly scared of them, just as your son wasn't. But with limited knowledge at the young age, one might consider them angels possibly.

    I don't believe 'angels' exist really, not universally, I think if they do exist they look after their own, but I don't think angels would randomly appear just because someone was injured. But for them to be wasps? That might be more symbolic or related to another world, there are plenty of other things that are capable of watching over us, angels aren't only things out there, unless that's what you believe.

    Either it's just a childhood fantasy, or it's something deeper possibly related to a different time and place. Who knows.
    Animal symbolism might be something you should look into if not.
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    Given modern beliefs, it's not surprising that he'd come to the conclusion they were angels. They're the invisible entities most likely to be considered "real" these days.

    One thing I'm beginning to understand, though, is that spiritual presence shows up in whatever form our minds are capable of seeing based on culture, interests, spiritual development, attitude, and education. They don't have a tangible structure that easily translates into human terms, so they often allow us to impose whatever imagery we associate with their quality of being to make things simple. It may be that he encountered nature spirits, which are often seen to be tiny figures with wings. As you can see in the linked article, they are reportedly curious, which would explain why they'd check in on a child who has fallen, and their behavior with your son is consistent with that reported by others who have seen them.
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    Children are so innocent and they see the world with positivity and enthusiasm. Angels are a good thought to establish.

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