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Discussion in 'Animal reincarnation and spiritual experiences' started by Deborah, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Shirley Mclean's book about her dog Terry is a great example for spiritual experiences with your pet. A Dog's Purpose and Shirley's book - can help us start this new section. You CAN talk about spiritual experiences with yourr animals and even reincarnation - when the pet comes back.


    Anyone read this book? have experiences like hers? Want to share?
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    I have not read that particular book, but I have read Ricochet by Judy Fridono and several of Bruce Cameron's books. My first experience with unconditional love was my first dog, a beagle. My sister, who was nine years older told me that the first time she experienced unconditional love was from our mother's father, a man I scarcely knew, neither of us felt it from our parents. Since then, I've been fortunate in having that love from about half a dozen other dogs so the reading of books like Ricochet, A Dog's Journey, and A Dog's Purpose match my experiences and bring memories that I cherish. It is amazing to me how much love can come from a small dog, my current "best friend" weighs about nine pounds where as the prior one was about seven or eight times bigger. I've often wondered if their spirits were from a shared source since the feelings are so similar.
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    Books by penelope Smith helped me a lot when I lost my cats. Especially 'Animals in Spirit: Our Faithful Companions' Transition to the Afterlife'.
    I had even contacted her when a straydog whom I used to feed contracted a sudden disease . She communicated with it and assisted me understanding its situation. It passed away quite suddenly but I felt a deep bond with it. On the last day of it's life ,it emerged out of it's seclusion looking very feeble ,just say hi to me and my dog with whom he used to go for walk every evening. I could feel his love and intention to say final goodbye to me. She told me that he had contracted rabis and was in final stages ,she told me to be careful but the dog was kind to me ,even in that condition when I tried to feed him water , he was patient with me but didn't drink . I could feel his love and I knew it was his time to go and he had good short life and he will be reborn or explore something else in some other dimension perhaps. He will always remain close to my heart, in my heart. Penelope gave the reading out of compassion , as a response to my FB message to her, free of charge. I was just an aquaintance on facebook.
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