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Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Tabitha Mary, Jun 9, 2018.

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    I believe to have had a split reincarnation in my past life. I have posted about this in 'Reincarnation Questions' under the title 'Charlie Chaplin past life'. I could really use some help! Many thanks:)
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    Tabitha, I have wondered about such things without any answers coming to me. In our "logic" we can create answers that satisfy us in one way or another, what I've come up against is the realization that these kinds of questions have been asked for perhaps millions of years (at least thousands of years here on Earth) without firm answers that are generally accepted for some reason, perhaps there is a reason for that! The question then becomes something like "what difference does it make" or something along those lines. Speculation can be fun, but unless there is enough information to exclude any other possibilities, it remains just speculation.

    My personal thoughts lead back to my beliefs about what my essence is capable of where I believe it is capable of knowing another essence so well that it would seem possible to "recall" those memories as if they were my own - so that there would never be a way of knowing this from this side of the veil. But that is just my thoughts about these kinds of questions. I don't want to discourage your questions or quests, just wanting to have you include some other thoughts about it.
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    The theory of twin souls is based upon this concept: two persons, one Higher Self.
    Personally, I still have difficulties with this idea although I am living the experience of having met someone you could call 'twin soul'.
    But there is a lot of people believing this idea of split incarnation.

    The movie Little Buddha is about the search for the reincarnation of an old lama. During the movie, there are three children found as possible candidates. SPOILER ALERT!! In the end, it appears that all three children are different manifestations of the same old lama. So they are dealing with a split incarnation in three.

    It's difficult for our little brains to understand these ideas. I think anything is possible. Although I think that one thing shouldn't be overlooked: the intercommunication between souls. If you share experiences as souls this exchange of information becomes part of you too.
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