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    I read this on another site and found it interesting and wanted to share it.

    Question: Do you know who you were in your past lives?

    Jolande Schrauwen, worked at Mental Health

    Updated Sep 24, 2015

    I didn't believe in past lives, but my brother wanted to try a regression and asked me to be present, just in case. It is a form of hypnosis after all.

    We were both surprised with the information that he got from past lives and I got curious about my own. So I did one too.

    At a certain moment I said that I lived in England in a place called Broughton. "Oh, you mean Brighton?", the lady asked. "No no", I said and spelled the name. We went on and some other things came up that were a bit strange to me, because I am a woman now, but was a man then. (Like I felt inferior for having a very small penis, something that I could not imagine from a woman's point of view.)

    Because my brother and I both served in the British army during WWII, we decided to go to England to check what we had experienced.

    On a certain moment we drove on a lane in the middle of nowhere towards Broughton and I said: "At the end of this road we go to the left, then after a little while we will enter town, see houses on both sides of the road and a church on the end, before the church is a road and we'll have to go there to the left, then left again and there is my house."

    It went just as I knew it would, except that my old house was replaced by a new building. On that moment I became sure that I had lived that life.

    Many years and investigations later I had learned that we don't remember our past lives because of the trauma's at birth and death that give us a kind of amnesia. So I decided to have my son born without the trauma of birth. And I was lucky that he also had died peacefully in his sleep the previous time.

    And indeed he remembered his past life as well as the period in between these lives.

    One of the things he told me was that as a retired Thai man, he made a trip to Europe and came to Rotterdam, where I lived as a young girl. He met me there and decided that he wanted to be reborn with me. (As a Thai he knew that we reïncarnate.)

    We lived in Amsterdam by then and I never told him that I had lived two years in Rotterdam before that.

    He also told me that he had a lifelong friend and that they promised to be reborn together again.

    The friend however had decided that he didn't want to be of an other race and remain Thai.

    Later when my son went to school, he met the friend again. The boy was born in Thailand, but was adopted by Dutch people living close to us and so ended up in the same school.

    I never asked my son about possible previous lives to make sure that he would not try to invent something. He just told me casually in between playing with his toys.

    Edit to answer (someone on the forum).

    When a child is in the womb it experiences soft noises and dim light through the body of the mother. Also it gets all it needs through the umbilical cord.

    Then when it is born, for example in a hospital, there is suddenly sharp light, hurting it's eyes and people making loud noises, hurting it's ears.

    On top of that the cord is cut and the baby finds itself without oxygen, after a moment of panic it inhales deeply and it's lungs feel like burning.

    So the baby holds it's eyes closed, his hands over it's ears and cries from pain and shock.

    I had my son at home, with dim light, no speaking out loud and I let him start breathing peacefully on his own, only cutting the cord later when it was empty of blood.

    He didn't cry, just said a little ah..ha.., sounding like a hello and started to look around.

    More about this is written by the French obstetrician Frederick Leboyer in his book Birth Without Violence.

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