Strong familiarity with late 60s, early 70s

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by parathion, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Hi all... I have the feeling that I become insane... what began with a kind of flashbacks since I was a little boy has become a fully grown depression because I strongly believe that I don't belong in this time. It feels like homesickness, a strong familiarity whenever I hear or see something from the late 60s to early 1970s. Logically it shouldn't be possible because I was born in 1974. I'm fighting with myself a battle of sanity against insanity because I'm usually a very logical thinking person, believe there's scientific proof for everything but this is driving me crazy... I believe this lostness, which I always felt throughout my life and wasn't able to understand where it's coming from, was the reason why I have moved home 23 times in 6 countries since 1993 in hope to find the one place I'd actually feel home. Only the last 5 years or so I started digging deeper into what I'm actually looking for and found that my question should be "WHEN" rather than "WHERE" I feel home, because I experience almost on a daily basis those strong feelings of "that's my time, that's where I belong" whenever I come in contact with the 60s/70s... it got so bad that I'm now on antidepressions and sleeping pills for the past 3 years and I don't dare talking to anyone about my feeling that I might live in the wrong time, because if I was a "normal thinking" person, I'd declare myself insane for just mentioning that... So here I am now, depressed because I believe I belong in a different time and no idea what to do. But since that is my belief, it would only be logical to assume that I have already lived before, otherwise I wouldn't feel this incredibly strong familiarity with that time. Since I was a little boy I have some recurring dreams of events I couldn't possibly have experienced. One dream in particular which I absolutely don't understand is blurry and I feel like drunk. It seems someone's carrying me over his shoulder and then follows the feeling of drowning or suffocation and I float away in a foggy cloud and I wake up, gasping for air... So how do I deal with all that ? How do I find out "IF", when and where I've lived in the past, having nothing more but irritating dreams to start with which contain no identifiable details, faces or places etc ??!! All I want is to understand what's going on because right now I feel out of place and time.
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    Welcome to the forum parathion. What area/country feels the most familiar to you, that was a prosperous period with a lot of racial tension here in the US. My first thoughts were of the Vietnam War but have no memory of the amount of European involvement. Have you tried meditation, guided imagery, or hypnosis? It sounds as though the memories are fairly close to the surface. It would be nice if you were able to be an Observer rather than a Participant in your dreams so that they could continue rather than being stressful.

    It certainly sounds as though you have carried some unfinished business from a previous lifetime, good luck in finding your answers.
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    Hi Parathion,
    I Think a safe start is to try to get clearer dreams. I don't know if it works for you, but sometimes I go to sleep and I 'demand' an explanation of some sort in my dreams. It's more like giving an instruction to nonconscious mind.
    You can also to try to use triggers. Is there music from the sixties that provoke any kind of emotions to you? You could play that music while you are sleepy (half awake), a state in which it is easier to see images pop up.
    Do you have no idea at all in which country you lived before? Western country?

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