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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by yvettebruneau, Sep 16, 2018.

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    I might have discovered clues to another of my past lives, through a Tarot spread.

    I don't know how many here use Tarot, or believe in their reliability/accuracy, but I'm new to the divination technique. I first tried it to verify that I was on the right track with my 'Jacob' theory, which has gone quiet lately. No spontaneous recalls, no further visions. Then again, I've also not done any further regressions. The cards seemed to verify my intuitions, though I had not shuffled them sufficiently. I tried again, and got more or less the same thread through different cards.

    Today, I laid out the spread, hoping to again verify my 'Jacob' past-life. An initial eight cards for the basis, then a follow-up of three. From the initial spread, I read the 'tale' of a 'dark woman' who had potentially married into a middle-class family, potentially a husband in the military, who then had an affair with a 'fair young man'. The affair and the marriage both ended, she wed again, but she was never as happy as she had been with her first love. She died alone, abandoned by love and betrayed by friends.

    I have no inclination of what time I should be looking at, so - at some point - I will need to do a regression. Perhaps, one I know to be successful...

    Has anyone else tried using Tarot, either through a 'professional' reading or by themselves, to determine past lives?
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    Hi yvettebruneau, I am not a big fan of the tarot... personal tastes probably. My favourite means of divination is the I-Ching and I've used it several times in the past, with most accurate results. With the Oracle (the I-Ching) I can't ask yes or no or shallow questions, the aim of it is to ask for guidance in critical situations and to understand the changes caused by energy shifts (yin/yang). This is why the Oracle has been used extensively in the far East by military men and rulers.
    This said, I got one particular hexagram when a past life of mine was emerging three years ago, but I made the mistake of ignoring the reading and just go on as if nothing happened. Not long ago this life started emerging again, and when I asked the Oracle for guidance I got the same hexagram as before. It was then that I realized I could no longer procrastinate and that I had to face things for what they are, no matter how painful.
    So, if the I-Ching was consistent for me I don't see why the Tarot wouldn't work for you, if you can interpret it correctly.
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    I can vouch for the accuracy of The I-Ching (I have used it only for physical life enquiries). The best interpretation I've encountered, and that I'm still using (occasionally), is "The I-Ching Workbook" by R. L. Wing

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