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    In my understanding, contracts are more guidelines as opposed to rules. Like a set of goals one wishes to achieve, things one wishes to learn. While a person will naturally have to stick to the chosen time and place of their birth, later events will be more subject to choice. Your contract could say that you go to the grocery store tomorrow and bump into a long lost soul connection who will again become important to you, and yet nothing can force you to go to the grocery store. You could completely miss that part of your chosen journey and have to do other things or find a different way back onto that path. Someone once told me that there are different possible exit points on each person's path and, depending on how their life is progressing at the time, any of these exits may be taken. That is just my experience though.

    Jim, I wouldn't worry so much about a wrathful God who contracts people to kill each other, nor would I worry about being contracted to kill or be killed.
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    Hi Spirit Sword. I took the long route to get a burger and met my past life fiance. I often think how different my life would be now if I hadn't had taken the long route for a walk. To be honest I wish I'd never met her. Yet we were destined to meet.

    I always worry about a wrathful God. I have a way of rubbing people up the wrong way. I tried baiting God. He left it a mystery as to whether or not I will feel his wrath though.

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